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ReaperCon Project: TBD

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I'll rename this topic once I have decided.  So, I have 4 ideas for ReaperCon entries, but only really have time for 1 or 2.  That said I am having some indecision, so I thought I would throw it to you guys.  Which of the following concepts would you like to see me paint:


1. Coraline Thaddington

My first and only human in Reaper's line. Since I sculpted her, I can paint her straight up for the Open Division and Open Sophie


2. Hakuna Matata

This will be the log scene from The Lion King using an altered version on one of my meerkats, my warthog, and a juvenile lion cub I recently sculpted for Dark Fable. This would be an Open likely.  It should also qualify for Open Sophie, but I'm not certain on that point since one of the three figures is not from Reaper.


3. Terror Bird nest scene

Use the terror birds that I did for Dragon Bait and make a nest scene. This would be an Open entry, not eligible for Sophie.


4. Amphisbeana scene

Paint up the Amphisbaena and plinth I did for Dark Fable. This would be an Open entry, not eligible for Sophie.





So, which do you guys think I should do?  Vote by number please. ::D:

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So it looks like it is going to be Hakuna Matata, first. That was where I was leaning myself.  Of course that means I'll be painting the meerkat 2 years in a row, but this time he'll have friends. I've got some awesome plans for this.  I'll start a new topic when I start.


Thanks all!

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