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whats to critique??    


can i have it?:wub:


honestly.. can you make a mistake somewhere so we can find something to critique instead of drooling over...


I am loving these paint jobs of yours!



edit: found something!


need to get you into a better display base mode.. these mini's deserve it.

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Wow, thanks alot for such a warm feedback everyone, I'm very happy you like it.

The basic idea for the colors and pattern of the scarf are from Jessica Rich paint job on her Hamster Mage. I just added a few more colors.





Original paint job inspiration by Jessica Rich.


It's true they deserve to be mounted on a decent bases. I have three more Hamster adventurer to paint, when they're all done, I'll see what I can do.


For now I will focus on the Cleric Hamster with Mace. If anyone has a nice color scheme to suggest, I'm open to propositition. Nothing too flashy, I'd like to stay classic.



Cleric Hamster with Mace green sculpted by Dave Summers.

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maybe stay with the basic Templar colors of red and white for the Cleric Hamster.


standard chain mail colors,  White ta-bard with red markings in freehand,   Leather or linen colored pants , leather for the shoe wraps.


Silver for the bracers.


(you did ask remember)  :B):

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