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French & English battle of 20181027


French: Eveille 64 gun 3rd. rate


English: HMS America 64 gun 3rd. rate


            The wind was from the N.E., which made for a contrary condition for the French. The French were continually were maneuvering to Port attempting to get into open water.  They were anchored East of the town before being alerted of the British being sighted.DSCI0326.thumb.JPG.7125584904d88d6c2e1aad56464b16f2.JPG


The British were moving in fast having the wind to their back.DSCI0327.thumb.JPG.6fee1a783c8bed4ae6ec75e8ebd0e5bf.JPGDSCI0328.thumb.JPG.154abda95990d28f383e66ea4b50621e.JPG Once range closed to gun range both sides open up.  Unfortunately for the French, even though they were able to open fire first with a full Broadside, the English received little damage in relation to a Port Quarter Broadside that did more damage.DSCI0330.thumb.JPG.b3c003df795d931fb41655d709415867.JPGDSCI0331.thumb.JPG.b6b309d707f5f0c36a406a9c6a8cc983.JPG

They continued to close, with the British pulling ahead due to their position to the wind. At this point small arms range had been reached and both sides letting each other have it. DSCI0332.thumb.JPG.13babd59d5867046f890122cb5e84390.JPG The French still took heavier casualties. It was a repeat for the next phase of fire with just small arms completing the turn. The next turn started out the same until the second phase brought the English to a position to enable them to use their Starboard side guns (as reloading is not completed till the end of the turn.)DSCI0333.thumb.JPG.621a926f0ebbc508b360949ad2ef0bb0.JPG  We are still a little hazy on the mechanics since this is our second game so I believe a few things were a little off, but we will do another one in two weeks.


The battle was called due to time restraints and victory was based upon the amount of damage.  As evident by the ship status display the English won.DSCI0335.thumb.JPG.0d13eb29e0a84315b863a642981207a8.JPGDSCI0336.thumb.JPG.2e3b6f9e258ccf08c5af73bccf102f9f.JPG  But to the French’s credit, this is his first miniatures naval battle.  We did two short Wings of Glory WWI battles before this, did not have my camera ready for that one.  That was a two part battle with the Allies directed to fly through enemy lines to attack an Axis Aerodrome.  The Allies succeeded in getting both planes off the board, but were extensively shot up. Part two was to get back to safety, off the board where they entered.  They succeeded once again, with one plane held together with baling wire; one more point, but they made it.  Once again this was the Axis player’s third battle of miniature aircraft, so I would say he did quite well experiencing a genre outside his normal range of interests. I had not asked, but these may be his first “War Games.”

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French vs. Spanish
Battle of 20181110


French Ships:                Republic Francaise


Spanish Ships:              Santa Ana


We (French Force) got wind of Spaniard ships at anchor in an area we were to patrol.  The wind was at our backs out of the North. DSCI0368.thumb.JPG.d684158bf272c627f86c1c160b997474.JPGThe Spaniards were setting sail with the wind against them. DSCI0369.thumb.JPG.79a6bf1558ccb72c869d5812221a5b1b.JPG[This is our third battle, but today we learned a hard lesson about wind and close quarters.]   All of us had fairly green crews in terms of sailing.  As we entered the bay the Heroe was the first to obtain any headway, but the Santa Ana was having a devil of a time trying to get to us.DSCI0370.thumb.JPG.c1b5b48258039ac3f21ed5235f7e31be.JPG  This left the Heroe taking on two heavy ships alone.DSCI0371.thumb.JPG.f584f89131b8546475a948b68c3ffe2a.JPG  L'Austerlitz traded the first shots and sailed on for the Santa Ana. Republic Francaise continued closing on Heroe doing little damage initially as opposed to his broadsides. DSCI0372.thumb.JPG.54bc81d259e54b15c376b8d09d1269e0.JPG Heroe was attempting to come about but it caught the head wind and ended up being pushed back in the path of Republic Francaise which resulted in a collision.DSCI0373.thumb.JPG.9e997d37e916c2edfae88bbd108f04e5.JPG  As this was occurring L'Austerlitz and Santa Ana ended up grounded while unloading broadside after broadside.DSCI0374.thumb.JPG.6b845edb82759c1bae5698466a67aa61.JPG  Republic Francaise was able to fire from the Starboard rear quarter on Santa Ana also. The Republic Francaise and Heroe were able to separate in the meantime, still hammering each other.DSCI0375.thumb.JPG.42d166f134dce7c2833083f0844d620b.JPG Republic Francaise eventually ran into the docks and Heroe ended up grounding.DSCI0376.thumb.JPG.5b13887e4228faaa0c78843b3922302e.JPGDSCI0377.thumb.JPG.76e98a358e84f2271559a5ba9e0635d5.JPG  The Heroe succumbed soon after which left Santa Ana to face both French ships.DSCI0378.thumb.JPG.7f9d576efca0d136479cd55165a8d255.JPG  Both took quite a bit of damage but Santa Ana could not handle the double pounding.

            So all ships ended up grounded and it was quite evident why battles mainly happened in open waters. Trying to navigate in close in areas and also fight really puts you to the test of multitasking when your enemy is not just another ship.

            I am working on an Excel Spread Sheet for the ships I currently own, showing the ships timeline of existence and it’s ultimate out come.  I have a tendency to want to know if ships were able to face one another or not.DSCI0002.thumb.JPG.c6983e0cdc75d1b86ba0d80ab6fbb6f6.JPG


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On 11/14/2018 at 11:12 AM, lowlylowlycook said:

Haha.  Looking at the first few pics, I was thinking, "That's no place to sail square rigged ships let alone fight a battle."



Interestingly enough, in reading about many different engagements, situations have occurred similar to ours due to the dictates of the wind.  Sometimes combatants just sitting in place waiting on the wind.

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