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12 minutes ago, TaleSpinner said:

A long time client of mine recently requested a set of 4 bunnies.  Each is to be about 10mm at the shoulder.  He sent me 4 pose photos and I created armatures.  Here they are, each with it's respective photo:



I never before noticed how much the stance and shape of a rabbit are like that of a penguin.

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4 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

My little girls are obsessed with bunnies.  Hopefully these eventually become available for purchase.  ^_^ 

I'm honestly not sure what he is doing with them. He says they are for game pieces for a personal project, so I really don't know if these will end up in his next indie campaign or not. 

3 hours ago, emmagine said:

Christie is threatening you with unrepeatable things at reaper-con if you don't over size the heads at least a little bit.



Not sure about oversizing the heads but the eyes, likely. Gotta get the cute thing going. 

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5 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

I notice the models don't have any floppy ears. All straight and pointing up.


Knowing all the variety in bunny kind. Is it a choice of the client or a simple omission?


He's looking for wild type bunnies. Floppy ears are a domestication thing. 

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    • By R2ED
      Got another bunny done for the weekend.  Feeling pretty good on getting some animals done.

      *  Using another photo for inspiration, I was interested in that this bunny photo had a slight 'blueish' tone to the color in the grey.  I was interested in trying to match it.  Used Denim Blue, Grey, and black to get it.  Came out pretty good!
      *  The white was also one that I needed to be able to highlight up and I didn't want to use another grey. I ended up going with the Ghost White, which had a light blue to it, and I thought went with the grey color I mixed, too.  
      *  The colors blended well and I was able to use the same technique I used on the other butterscotch bunny of doing a feathering of lighter color to bring the hair detail forward.  
      *  Used a nuln oil diluted for the recesses and around the tail.  Worked good enough.  Wouldn't have minded a little more contrast, but still cute.
      *  I didn't highlight up the fleshy colors on the nose.  I somewhat feel it needs more of a "pop" and think it was a miss that I didn't.
      * The white is still on the weaker end and coudl have gone a little darker so I could bring the white hair forward more.  Using the zenithal highlight helped, but still wanted more.
      These were both super fast and only a handful of colors needed, so both bunnies were solid.  Open to any feedback ya got.  
      Now I gotta base them with something cute and fun...

    • By Inarah
      These are from the Bunny Girls Kickstarter project from a couple of years ago, run by Dark Fable miniatures.  They are on 7/8" washers, so would qualify as giant bunnies for most 28mm characters. 

      Here they are, joined by a trio of flying Peegs, from a recent Bad Squiddo campaign:

      And here's the lot of them, at different angles.

      Put a little wild life into your games :) 
    • By Genghis_Sean
      Stole my brother's mini from out of his house the last time I was there and painted it for him.  Built a much more deserving base for this fierce Zombicide boss with a vicious streak a mile wide.

    • By Pochi
      I painted 2 minis for @Jasper_the_2nd for the Spring Exchange.
      He mentioned the song Holy Diver if I needed inspiration so I decided to do a mini and cram as much of his "wishlist" in as I could. I was familiar with the song but hadn't heard it for a long time. I watched the video on youtube (what a hoot!) I decided to go with a barbarian based on the video. He has a tiger pelt because tigers are mentioned in the lyrics plus it added some color and visual interest. Jasper also said he liked rabbits. I hid a tiny little bunny on the base. He also said to try something new so I tried out spider webs that I had watched a tutorial on another page.
      Jasper has created a character for the mini and I am so pleased he likes him!



    • By Mckenna35
      Speed painted to send off to a Niece who really like rabbits.  Hopefully she likes these!
      Doom Bunny from Bombshell Miniatures:

      and a Vorpal Bunny.  I've had these guys for a very long time.  Made of resin.  Came in a bag with about a dozen or more in it.  Long forgotten who manufactured them:
      Sorry for the pics!  Finished the wash on the Doom Bunnies Axe and then snapped a few quick pics before packing them up to go in the mail.
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