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Decided that some of the off cuts of the fence insulators would make pretty decent barricades/railings.


And that different bits might make for reasonable protection for the tops of the electrical boxes.  The hexes are some flying bases that came with my Imperial Skies models.  They are truly terrible as flying bases.



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Not a bad idea.  I'm thinking of going with red for the supports and black for the platforms.    Maybe with a bit of drybrushing with dark grey.  Then we can worry about weathering.


Also got the "grit guard" that supposed to be used to keep grit away from your sponge while you wash your car but I think it will make a serviceable landing pad.





Which way to people like the supports upright on the left of flipped on the right?

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I'd go with the one on the right, it matches well with the lines on the supports. The gap at the bottom could have a terminal built within it, another support could have a tank and tubes of some kind to represent a fire extinguisher, (In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millenium, OSHA carries Bolters...) speaking of which, hazard lines using red and black might not be inappropriate either.

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Decided that there needed to be walls so that the platforms and walkways can be chokepoints.  I had some shims laying about so they got drafted .


I'm also going to put together some chain link fence.



I tried some "Ford Blue" that I picked up at the farm supply place but I think it's a bit to bright.  Especially if you let it contrast with the red I'm using for the supports.


The walls are painted with the same grey paint that I've put on the platforms.  I had a slight idea that each side of the walls should be a different color to show each gang's territory but maybe different color graffiti on each side would be better.

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Reconstructed the platforms.  Was going to use screws instead of pins but then decided that glue wasn't really needed.




Need to do some touch up work (including the screws) and then hit this with some satin spray before trying to do some weathering.  I also have some of the pill bottle industrial terrain under way but that gets pretty finicky with all the sprue based pipes.


You can also see the chain link fence in there.

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On 1/20/2018 at 3:11 PM, lowlylowlycook said:

By the way, any advice as far a paint schemes for this stuff would be appreciated. 

I've been piddling around with some gantry / walkway designs and settled on nickle metallic spray paint.  Not as bright as a steel or silver and would look good with some applied rust.

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One thing is that I kind of forgot how terribly washes work on this kind of stuff that doesn't have any detail to bring out so I kind of wish that I had picked out darker colors for the spray paint that could then be dry brushed up a bit.


I'm going to experiment with some polyshades on these shim walls and walkways.

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Here is the landing pad.  I thought that it should be a bright color to stand out but I'm not so sure now.  Maybe redo the pad in grey or maybe blue and then paint just the top edge yellow?




Also this piece has an extremely realistic "primer failure" effect underneath.   


By the way, with the way the supports they have been fit into a little slot I've cut out.  That should lend a good deal of strength while I can put some platforms, radar sets and lights on the rest of the supports.


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Some more industrial ruins pieces




The bits of white where the straws attach to the bottles is the clay that I've stuffed into the ends of the straws, hoping it will help keep this stuff together.  It gives a bigger surface area for the 

glue and something  for the L shaped pins I'm using to stick into.


You can also see bits of the more rugged chain link fence I've built using some sprues.

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