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Against all expectations, I'm getting back into 40K.  This is because, against all expectations, some fine friendly folks are opening a FLGS that's actually local to me.  That is, it's in the small to

Progress on the bunker and on the ruins.       Didn't like how using a wash to weather the ruins looked so I went with some sponge applied chipping.    Originally I used

Some more industrial ruins pieces     The bits of white where the straws attach to the bottles is the clay that I've stuffed into the ends of the straws, hoping it will help keep

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I thought I followed this a while ago but I guess not. I'm following now though because all these pieces look great.


I've only just started getting into terrain, so seeing the results you're achieving at low cost gives me hope.

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Rat13 inspired me to actually do some of the bottle cap objectives I've been thinking of doing:  




I tried to print some numbers on blank transfer paper but only the black seems to be opaque enough and these are pretty dark to read black text on.


I think the green barrels to the left will end up in a toxic waste dump.

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6 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:



Really digging the way you did the nozzles/vents on these. 


29 minutes ago, Corsair said:

I made ones for Space Wolves out of fire hydrants, beer barrels and doggie bones...

That must be quite a sight.

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If you look closely at those barricades , you can see bits of yellow where the spray primer didn't stick.  Since these are plastic spacers designed to insulate electric fencing and not expected to be painted maybe that's not surprising.  


Since I've had similar problems with other "soft" plastics (like the bendy straws you can see) I'd like some advice for priming stuff not designed to be painted.  Should I try PVA, gesso something else?  Is there nothing for it but to sand?

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    • By lexomatic
      I have a set of walks ways and stairs, and some other stuff coming in summer, so I'll keep it all here.
      Today was base coats. Tomorrow will be drybrush snd details.

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      Picked up a bunch of the CAV terrain before Christmas t use for CAV and/or 28mm sci-fi gaming. Have been working my way through it and thought I'd post what I've finished so far.
      72607 Ammo dump

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      72610 Short Containers (3x sets)

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      Generator with a couple of 28mm Warlord figures to show how it looks in that scale

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      Finished a couple more gang members for Warlord Games Judge Dredd game.  Painted with reaper and Vallejo.  In theory they'll get used for demos so I didn't want to burn a lot f time on the bases.  These were some of their first figures in their new resin.  It's kind of like Bones I as far as material goes.  Also think they some of their early  ones in 3d modelling as the "engraving" is almost too light.  makes it hard to pick out details and you've got to be careful not to apply too heavy a coat or you'll fill in lines pretty easily.

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      Just some more finished terrain from the Shadowfey set from Printable Scenery.

      All were printed on my Ender-3 with the exception of some of the branches, the stump, and the bones, which were done in resin on my Elegoo Mars.

      The Hallowed Mausoleums:


      Dem bones:

      Stump, it's stump, it's in my heeeaaaaad:

      Gloomy Gullies:






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