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Apparently I've lost my mind because despite the FLGS closing and the fact I can't really keep up with the flow of books and models that GW throws at you, I've somehow decided to get myself out of my covid hobby funk by making some more industrial terrain.


I ordered some of the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues, water guns and, crucially, some soffit vents that I'm going to test as the basis of walkways and platforms.    Oh yeah, and I now have a 3D printer so I may well use that to make some fiddly bits.


So far a couple water guns and one sample of venting showed up.  




Really liking the green bit of that top gun.  It even has places to hook up some pipes.


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OK, since I have two of the tank guns and three with the ring handle, this should be enough...




Once you include this big boy that I think will form the central spine of a hive world vertical slum.




A quick review of the soffit vents is that the ones with circular holes are a bit flexible, should be easier to cut into different shapes  but might need support.   The black one with slits is basically a ready to use walkway.  The one on the left with circular ends and square holes are really nice but it might lose its rigidity if you had to cut the supports that are under the grill.

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Got a different bit of pipe and cut it in half  (irrigation pipe maybe?)  Added zip ties corrugated paper, Maestrom bits, and some plastic shims I found while waiting for a price check.





Also cut off the grip and trigger from a watergun then repaired with another of those shims and a grate from the Maestrom sprue.



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