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Kyphrixis in Bronze


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On 8/21/2017 at 4:16 PM, LittleBluberry said:

The brown and bronze look really great together!  I need to paint more dragons instead of putting them off.  ^_^

Do it.  In the end I actually find painting the dragons can be easier to do than some of the other minis.   I think it's because there really isn't that much going on there and a good wash and drybrushing can give fantastic results.  


On 8/22/2017 at 6:42 AM, Dr_Automaton said:

Looks good!  I agree that the color tones all come together nicely.


(it also looks like you're threatening him with death by smelting if he steps out of line) :poke:


Lol.  Some much of my counter space is taken up with trying to get all my reaper bones stuff done that I only have room on my stove if I want to take some pics.  I hope to have it all done by the time of the next kickstarter but who knows.  My "Massive Darkness" kickstarter should be showing up in the mail today and I have barely started of my Zombicide Black Plague, Descent, Doom, etc (basically a bunch of board game stuff).  I Honestly don't know where I am going to find the time to do all of this stuff...:)  I think I am not even bothering to pick of this boardgame stuff to play but just to get the minis to paint.  You get so many minis for a decent price and I could care less that they are plastic.  I am done with fragile metal minis.  I have so much Battletech stuff that has gone to waste because my mom stored them all in a bin when I left home and they are all in fragments now (not her fault, I got out of minis for a while and I didn't care what she did with them at the time).


Oh and the if you're  into scifi the newer Doom board games has some awesome minis.  I need to post that somewhere if I ever finish it.


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