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Warlord & D&D

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So, has anyone tried porting Warlord into D&D (or vice versa)? I am still looking for a skirmish/mass battle system that I can use to port my D&D characters into. When Chainmail came out, I thought my problems were solved, but alas...


Anyway, how difficult would it be to render a D&D character into the Warlord rules?

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If you have the DHA rules set, and a good assortment of Casketworks, you can compare the DHA stats of several key characters to their D&D stats. I know that Falco, the Palladin and Monique deNoir are both covered. Although DHA and Warlord are different, this should give some starting point for conversion.


Monique, who would probably rate as a Melee Warlord with Greater Magic Weapon and Greater Magic Armor, plus Special Ability-"Flyer", in D&D is a Ftr13/Sor/6.


Falco, also a cMelee Warlord, is a 13th level Palladin.


I'd GUESS that most Warlord captains/heroes would be about 8th level,and magic users/clerics would be 2nd-8th, depending on abilities.


The Adon Worldbook will do a lot to fuel this discussion when it arrives.........

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Just playing devils advocate here, but it's difficult at best to translate a 3.5 D&D Character to WotCs official miniatures game. I can't imagine it would be easy to take it from D&D to a system which has next to nothing in common with it.

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As soon as the warlord book comes out, I'll take a stab at it. I haven't seen the Warlord stuff, but at a BL demo I saw some of the Beta. Melee/Ranged attack values give you a good basis for determining level, Strength, and Dex....Morale is probably a good indicator of Charisma (maybe Wisdom, if you think of it as a Will Save....?)

Move doen't xlate at all, #attacks could help identify level, there is an armor rating....

Difficult though, because Warlord is D10 based, so percentages in 10s not in 5s.......

Any other helpful hints?

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