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Phoenix Rising

77306: Translucent Slimes (Gallery Glass)

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These are my first two painted minis in I think several decades, with probably fewer than 10 total even including my old figures. Being me, I decided to start with easy figures but non-standard paints. These were scrubbed, then primed with Army Painter Anti-Gloss Varnish to get as strong a grip as possible on a translucent figure.


I decided to do the flat slime as a Crystal Ooze. For this I mixed Gallery Glass Charcoal Black, White Pearl, and Pledge Floor Polish in about equal parts. (It's hard to really dole out equal portions with the Gallery Glass sampler pots...) I gave the top a couple of layers - about 15 minutes between coats, since it takes a while for the Gallery Glass to firm up though it's a bit faster with thin layers and the floor polish added in. I decided it was a bit too pearly and not quite dark enough, so added some more Charcoal Black and a bit of water after that for the last three layers. With the top done to my liking, I added a few drops of MSP Black Ink to the remainder and gave the bottom a couple of coats. The result was a bit too shiny, so I gave it a final quick finish of the Anti-Gloss Varnish to dull it just a bit.


The rearing slime is an attempt at an Ochre Jelly. I used the same basic 2:1 Gallery Glass to Floor Polish formula, this time with Harvest Yellow and Cocoa Brown. Again after two layers I felt the color was a bit too "happy" and added some more Cocoa Brown. I did two more layers and then added a few drops of MSP Brown Ink to the mix (not well blended, so I could make adjustments) and did a thin glaze with that. I didn't bother with the final Varnish coat on this one - the Ink glaze provided enough of a dulling effect on its own IMHO.


The pictures don't really do justice to the transparency of the Gallery Glass paint; phone flash really killed the ambient lighting through the figures.



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21 hours ago, Laoke said:

Very nice, a lot less "gummy" looking than what we get with the Tamiya Clear Translucent paints!


That's in part due to the finishing choices, I suspect.


Before I started I did some test runs on some frosted glass stones I got in a cheap pack of mixed stones at Michael's. The Gallery Glass paints alone are a bit thick and didn't coat evenly; these paints are designed to be applied thickly, are a bit texturable, and look only semi-transparent - like real stained glass. Hence the floor polish. The result was pretty gummy looking, perhaps not as shiny or clear as the Tamiya pics I've seen, and much less dense in pigmentation than a hobby paint, requiring several coats for even a mid-level color.


The non-transluscent ink on the Ochre and the anti-gloss on the Crystal brought the shiny (and the transparency) down a notch in the end. I suspect you could do the same to the Tamiya Clears and get a similar change.

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Here's an image I took of the original two slimes plus another set I painted again using Gallery Glass and floor polish. The two new ones are on the right - an Immortal Ichor and a Gray Ooze. The Gray Ooze is exactly like the Crystal Ooze but without the Pearl paint mixed in. The Immortal Ichor is mostly Amethyst, but with some Rose Pink added in to lighten spots from the underside (toward the front) and some Magenta to add variation on some of the blobules. Both of these are more transparent than the first set; I hit both of them with a light coat of anti-gloss again - the shiny without something to bring it down is just too much for me.


Apologize for the lighting and perhaps the color non-clarity against the calibration chart; some day I'll get out my real camera and flash unit, but technically they're for taking photos for profit.



Edited by Phoenix Rising
to fix the name of the Immortal Ichor
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