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You should start by priming the model.
A good idea would be doing the outline of the main componenets of the design. So put a orange dot at the location of the eyes, get the general shape of the tail in white; and so on. When that is done start blocking out the colours, then highlight. Remmember that this is a miniature, so you don't actually need to paint every single tiny feather. Just give a general outline using shadows and highlights, they should also be big enought so that you can recognise them as feathers and not dots. 

Pst... I am kind of a noob to free hand.

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You almost might try sketching the mini out on a piece of paper, about the same size or at least get the shape of the 'copter. & make copies.


Practice on that using a pencil & colored pencils & then when you're confident in what you've done, transfer it over to the mini.

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Base color looks black / dark blue gray (tail, cockpit, and top of the engine intakes), so I'd first cover the entire mini in that color so you don't have to go back and paint them later and risk painting over hard work. Doing the shading at this point isn't a bad idea either, using a lighter blue gray for the upper surfaces.


Next I'd block out in the darks of the three main color groups, and try to paint the silhouettes right: medium gray for the tail feathers, dark brown for the body, and orange for the beak.


Transition into the lighter colors (lighter grays, reddish browns, yellows) with a smaller brush, and start trying to paint in the details. Don't have to match it exactly, just suggest the forms. Details like the eye and the beak mouth line you may want to go back into the darker colors and line.


Good luck, practice makes perfect, if it all goes wrong you can always strip and reprime?


Also, here's my contribution to the military chopper paintjobs.




The things you do to raise money for your unit.

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