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Raging Heroes Worm Riders

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Sorry for the terrible pic but I promised to show the dark elf worm riders with my modded weapons and assembled worms. The pic also shows the legs of one of the worms as I received them and with my sculpting add ons. The legs looked unfinished to me so I roughed them up and finished them myself. The rest of the models were very detailed so it's weird they didn't do the legs. I figure I might as well do the command group too so I'll upload more pics of them hopefully better pics.

wip darkelves.jpg

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Got distracted a bit but now finished assembling all the worms and riders. Also primed them and I find I have no idea what or how to paint them exactly. A couple have curls in their bodies that will make it dificult to reach with a brush so I want to keep it simple. Besides for worm #3 with sculpted extra detail on the legs I modified #6 with extra parts I had left over when I converted all their weapons to scythes, a bottom jaw beak and 2 tyranid/arachnid legs.

I started adding some basecoats to #5 (going with a deep blue and pale blue scheme) and #6 (black head carapace and dark red body with a pale underbelly) other than that I'm waiting for inspiration to strike me on the others. I'm thinking #3 with browns or greens, #4 with pale fleshy or pink skin, #2 with light greens and blues, #1 with browns and blacks or greys maybe.

On some of my scythe builds I used some milliput yellow-grey and I can tell you this great stuff for making weapons because you can really smooth it perfectly, much easier than procreate.



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Taking too long on these. Have to do some touch ups and maybe a bit better highlighting on the blue one. Sorry for the terrible cell phone pics. Just to show I haven't given up on these. Each one has their own colors and patterns, I got a bit fatigued by the time I got the the blue one. Comments and criticism welcome just keep in mind they look better in person than the harsh eye of technology.


Just 6 little ladies with scythes to paint now.








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Sorry. Finished these a long time ago but just got to taking pics and uploading. Offsite linked for noodity:




Not too bad to paint, a few tight corners and I did my best to NNM, still learning, still a ways to go but good enough for tabletop. Lots more Raging Heroes to paint.

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