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Not gonna lie, I'm really nervous about this one. I may be making a terrible mistake, but I am going to be attempting to paint this giant 5 headed dragon in 7 days with a size 0 brush while working my

I'm not done for the night yet. I have a few things in process. The backs of the wings are nearly done, I've done some shading on the lighter heads and necks. And I finished the eyes on one of the hea

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I think you have this in the bag!   You spent enough time on writing up the rulzes from a gobliniod slant that you may turn into one instead of maintaining your alien presence!  Or are scary aliens  an exception to that penalty??


Please check your paint station for removal of sharp objects including, but not restricted to, pointed paint brushes exceeding the fore mentioned size 0!

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Ok progress I've made so far - I spent about an hour on mold lines. There's not a ton but what's there is very bothersome. Eventually I just gave up and moved on. 

I then moved on to gluing the necks, arms, back leg and tail. Then I greenstuffed all of the gaps. I accidentally mixed up enough green stuff to make a whole baby Ma'al so that's nice. It was taking forever though because I don't have proper sculpting tools, just these hard plastic ones. Which are fine when you're working with smooth surfaces. Not great when you have a bunch of crevices and ridges to maneuver around. So I improvised by sacrificing a couple of my synthetic cheapy size 0 brushes which worked pretty well for smooshing the greenstuff in and that made things go much faster. The tail is still pretty sketchy because it wiggles a lot. If I had more time maybe I could fix that but eh, I'm just going to try to be careful with it. 



And here are the poor brushes that valiantly gave their lives to the cause. 



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Taking another short break so here's where I'm at right now. One side of both wings, all of the heads and one of the rocks are brown-linered. 




My goal for the night is to get the other rock and the other sides of the wings brown-linered before I go to bed in about an hour and a half. I think it should be doable. 

Im holding off on doing anything else to the body tonight so I don't mess up the green stuff, so that will wait until tomorrow to get brown-linered. 

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