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On 9/5/2017 at 4:01 PM, Doug Sundseth said:


I don't care whether you enter it. I just want to see it. ::D:


I do understand that it wasn't really done as a competition piece. And if you're flying, it would be ... tricky at best to bring that huge thing with, especially if you don't enter it. I really would like to see it some time, though.


So, what I found out about acetone and PVC: "As long as you don't let the acetone touch the PVC, you should be fine." It's possible that might be complex to arrange when stripping. ::D:


I'm trying to convince her to take it to RCon, because it is quite a lovely bit of work under any circumstance - let alone as part of a challenge!  Since her photos for the Ma'al competition are submitted, she is free to modify the beast now to bring.  I suggested she try W&N Brush Cleaner and Restorer, and to test it on scrap Bones first.  If it does not do anything weird to Bones, it should theoretically work to remove paint as a spot treatment.  Simple Green takes much longer to work, but W&N BC&R works fast. 


Also, I note some confusion about the end of Bones 4 and whether or not there was a big beastie.  I think this works out for the best, because I'm going to cap the goblin challenge pieces at 4 with Ma'al.  I am beginning to get legitimately worried about the deleterious health effects of doing them if someone tries to do them well - and at $150, Ma'al is a rather pricey bit of dragon to otherwise expend.  



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On 9/5/2017 at 5:14 PM, Guindyloo said:

Maybe I should compile all of the info into a single thread in the painting tips forum.

Yes, please!


Congratulations on an amazingly well done paint job! Your version of Ma'al Drakar looks absolutely beautiful!

You kicked some serious butt with this one.:winkthumbs:

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