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Last update for tonight. I finished brown linering the wings and the other rock and had some time and brown liner left over so I started putting some on the body and necks. That leaves me further along than I'd hoped for tonight so I'm in pretty decent shape so far. 



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So the bad news is that our weather is predicted to be really awful today...they shut down schools and government buildings and told people to stay put if possible because we're under a flood watch. 

The good news is that means that I'm working from home today. I have to do a bunch of stuff for the next couple of hours, but then I should be able to get things set up so my work computer is locked into a 4+ hour process....so that means I'll be able to do some painting. :bday:

So far the rain hasn't been that bad, in fact, I debated heavily on whether I was going to go in today. Historically, whenever I decide to work from home due to the weather it ends up being nothing. We'll see if that holds true again. 

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Ok I got the scales on all of the necks and heads basecoated, which is right where I wanted to be at the end of tonight. 




The brownish red is MSP Bloodstain Red, the wine colour is MSP Gothic Crimson, the yellow-orange is MSP Pumpkin Orange, the Pink (which is getting a ton of glare) is Vallejo Nocturna Reddish Flesh, the redder orange is MSP Burning Orange. 



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Nice! I like your colors. I am going to have to steal your color theme for a pretty girl's dress or cloak.

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Very cool!  That violet was surprisingly awesome!  For a minute I thought you were going alienscape... now I'm intrigued...

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I should note that the purple was only one coat. There were a couple of spots that could've used some touch-up, but for the most part I was very, very pleased. I am not often a fan of Scale75's paints because I find them too thick and you have to shake them forever, but this one was a beautiful consistency and obviously covered very, very well. It was a pleasant surprise because it was exactly the colour that I wanted but I was nervous about using it since I've had a lot of trouble with my other Scale75 paints. If it had been the first Scale75 paint I'd used (or the first 5....) then I would've understood the hype behind them.

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