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Hello everyone,



I’ve been asking myself if this is the right place, but as this project has been the one that kept me busy for most of my recent time and is very dear to me, I would like to present it to you.



The whole idea to this was born during the time when I nearly stopped painting miniatures and doing wargaming.

I had some pretty bad experiences with some guys and communities in Germany and my overall motivation to do some painting and building stuff was down to almost none. I even stopped writing which normally is my preferred method of relaxing. In short: A midlife miniature crisis.



Read some more about the background over here:



Gallia to Arms - original blog entry



During that time a friend of mine bought the miniature kit of the Edelweiß tank that became available just then and later also purchased the kit of the Shamrock tank. That was the moment I decided to also make a small miniature project within the world of Valkyria Chronicles which I had known and liked since I first came to know the original game (or rather … its soundtrack).



I had a lot of 20mm figures left and some 1/72 scale tanks, which I figured to be perfect for my plan to recreate the equipment and figures of the game in small scale. They don’t need much space, are easily convertible and they don’t cost as much as 28mm figures and vehicles.



As some of my friends continued to do wargaming on WWII and I had so much stuff left, I soon decided to create a small force of Gallian troops for WWII skirmish games. Unfortunately it turned out that the game rules they were using rendered the Valkyria Chronicles scenario almost useless (due to balancing issues).

So I continued creating models just for fun, using the whole anime scenario to set up the amusing story of a guy doing weird stuff.



It somehow got out of hand …



My little builds caught the attention of some guys organizing an annual local tabletop event called “Do or Dice” – and they asked me if I’d like to present some of my miniatures.

I thought – wow – what an honor – but … it’s a tabletop event, not a miniature showcase event. So … hm. What to do?


Right! Create an own scenario.



Luckily I had acquired some left-over scale train terrain from my late uncle – and there were two grass mats measuring 100cm x 70cm.



Perfect for a small skirmish game. Reason enough for me to tackle that challenge.



Fortunately I’ve like 8 month or so left.



Well then – Let’s Make … Gallia to Arms!






Creating a scenario set in the Valkyria Chronicles universe requires certain elements.

As I plan to use this thread as the main thread and create threads for the single elements of the game – Gallian Forces, Imperial Forces and Terrain – consider this as some kind of register for the different threads. I will frequently update the different sections, so stay tuned.

What do we need?


Gallian Forces



Gallian Army WIP Thread



Imperial Forces







Terrain WIP


Game rules and scenario setup



Game supplies




Well then


Let’s make this:




Into this:




Or at least something that looks like it …

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While the tank is proceeding well, I went over to another field I am to tackle if I want to get that whole concept running: Started to work on some gaming tokens for unit stats and position markers. Asked the local copy shop to create two exemplars to check if it is working. Looks good from my POV.




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I am back from Japan and that means ... progress. Right.


In Japan I finally got me the Gallian Army Camouflage paint set - which is a bunch of Vallejo colours I could have bought in Germany, but hey - they were on sale, so I took the opportunity.




And then I got this wonderful lady. She won't be of use for the forces as she is a 1/20 scale miniature, but I think I will use her as my first attempt to assemble and paint such a big figure. Of course she will be painted in Gallian Army colours and used as some kind of Show-off piece for my showcase. Let's see if everything will work out as I imagined.




Next off - Painting the tank and some terrain.

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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

That's a great model!


Love to see her painted!


Yeah, me too. But I think I first will dig deeper into working on busts. She was not that expensive, so when I mess up I can easily go back to Japan next year and buy me another one. Still - I'll try my best not to mess up Haha.

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And a little update. Some time ago I was given an old, half-broken StuG in 1/48 scale. Couldn't use it for anything else, so I decided to go with a Gallian Army colour scheme, some Dust figures and make a display out of it.


Well then - let's go!


After some parts of the vehicle fell in pieces, I decided to do a complete overhaul and recreate as much as I could, then clean it and prepare it for priming.




Primed it and put it away for the moment to go on with other stuff.






Meanwhile on my sofa:




Take a break - take the ladies. In my next life I need to become a plush rhino.


Next update will be there soon.


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Time to continue ...


I worked on my showcase figure for quite some time and now I am done! At least she is primed now.


I had to do some alterations on her to make her fit to the design of Valkyria Chronicles - last were her boots.




And here is my version.






Next I have to do is paint her ... errrr. I already see this going totally south ... Well then. Let's paint her ... yay and so on.


But it wouldn't be me when I wasn't already working on the next figure ...




Until next time!


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