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This will be the Gallian forces build-up thread for the Valkyria Chronicles scenario I am creating here: Let’s Make … Gallia to Arms! A 20mm Valkyria Chronicles Scenario

I haven't started that totally ill-prepared - as I normally do - so here we start with the Gallian Forces.


Unlike the Imperial Forces, the Gallian forces have never been designed to fulfill a greater combat role other than defend their homeland. As the Principality of Gallia is a rather small country, its vehicles and units rely on weaker armor for the sake of speed and agility.
Still they can bring a suprisingly heavy amount of firepower to bear, which allows them to strike fast and retreat as soon as possible. Like vikings. Just a bit nicer.


For the scenario setting, the Gallian Forces will consist of


1x Light Tank
6x Scouts
6x Shocktroopers
3x Lancers (Anti-Tank)
1x Mortarer (Anti-Personnel)
2x Engineers (Repair and Refill)
2x Snipers



Well then - let's go

The Gallian light tank:




Gallian light tanks are rather old combat vehicles. Having been in service for almost 20 years, its armor can easily be penetrated by most of the available anti-tank weaponry in the game.
Still - with its 75mm gun, a co-axial machine gun and a mortar, this tank is a vital support unit for its accompanying infantry. It also can combat light and medium Imperial tanks, but is severely outclassed by heavier imperial models.


Starting with nothing much than the game design book and a few unbuilt tank kits, this work can be considered my first real "scratch" build, though not everything is completely scratch.


Messy, but not dirty!



Having checked the main parts I needed, I cannibalized the tank kits I had arround, using parts of a Panzer 38(t) and a Panzer III as main elements for the chassis and wheels.






The front body was created using styrene plastic. To stabilize the whole construction, some poxy putty was used and put on the inner side of the vehicle.






There are still some gaps to fill and mishaps to be corrected. But we are making progress!




Time to contine with the turret. As one can see, the turret equals that of a Panzer III from WWII, but its main gun is rather positioned to the right side as it was on the Hetzer and the Panzer II. Well then - let's cut it into place.






Let it dry for a moment and then continue next time


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Ah, got it!

Those are rather small, will the infantry be like that too.

So more 20/25mm than 28/32mm???

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Just now, Glitterwolf said:

Ah, got it!

Those are rather small, will the infantry be like that too.

So more 20/25mm than 28/32mm???


20mm. I'm using a small scale, just because I had the stuff :-D

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2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Will there be aircraft?


Ah - no. Air Forces play no part in the world of Valkyria Chronicles - as of now. The only aircraft you see in the game looks more like the aircraft of Brother Wright. Check out Isara plane on google. You will find it there.

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1 minute ago, Glitterwolf said:

Ah got it.


A zeppelin could be useful


Those are actually to find in the second game of the series.


But I guess as this is only a small skirmish game I "develop" it would be too much

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Let's continue!


Going on with the body.


Once again plundering tank kits and cutting styrene plastic to get the material I need. Tracks got attached.











The air outlets by the way are ... manhole covers from a city set.


Going on with the back side, creating the engine Elements and backlights.




That has to dry now.


Let's get over to the turret.


That one now got its gun attached as well as the backside.






Merging both ... looks good so far.








And - of course - the turrned can be turned in both directions.




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I like that conversion!


Using those manholes is an excellent touch!

Turret looks great!

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Time to go on:


Made the front light and some other stuff. Filling gaps and so on.




Cut away elements of the turret and sanded it down.





Went over to the side skirts.


First off, a master, made out of cardboard.




Then created the skirts themselves




Does it fit? It does!






I just noticed ... I messed up the tracks ... that looks ... weird. No way to fix it now. Well, it least I can say this tank is special.




Let's have it dry for a moment then continue


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Continued adding some more details.




As well as the engine radiator.




Also attached some more mountings to improve stability of the side skirts.






Continued with the sideskirts of the turret.






















Looks good. I think ... that may become a pretty great vehicle.

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