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Dungeon Box RPG Scenery by Custom Terrain

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About this project

 Dungeon Box, by Custom Terrain

Dungeon Box sets give you all the terrain you need to create a highly detailed and captivating scene for your dungeon roleplaying games.

The aim is to provide intricate, diorama-quality scenery, in a box set that lets you create a complete scene!

Designed for 28mm scale games. Pieces are cast in polyurethane resin, and can be easily painted using model paints designed for miniatures.


The first run of box sets will include:

The Blacksmith's Forge

A wave of intense heat emanates from the heart of the forge, punctuated by the sounds of industrious hammering, as glowing metal is pounded into submission in a shower of sparks. The Master Blacksmith toils by the anvil, turning the iron in his hand with expert grace. Seemingly satisfied, he takes the hot iron and plunges it into a barrel of water, sending steam hissing into the air.

The Forge Dungeon Box Set The Forge Dungeon Box Set

 The Blacksmith's Forge Box Set will include:

  • A Large Stone Forge Fireplace 
  • Bellows Apparatus 
  • A Coal Firebed 
  • An Anvil & Stump 
  • Quenching Barrel 
  • Workbenches set (2) 
  • Weapon Racks set (2) 
  • Tools and Weapons Accessories sheet 
  • Coal Piles (2) 
  • Ore Cart 
  • Tool box.
Forge Firebed Forge Firebed


The Potion Master's Workshop

Strange perfumed scents, thick odours, and sharp herbal smells mix together into a fog at the doorway to the potion shop. As you step in you feel light-headed and warm. A cauldron bubbles gently away over some embers, while the Potion Master slices and weighs an assortment of ingredients at a workbench.

The Potion Master's Workshop The Potion Master's Workshop

 The Potion Master's Box Set will include: 

  • Wooden Tables (2) & Chairs (2) 
  • Workbenches (2) 
  • Wooden Medicine Shelf 
  • Medicine Cabinet 
  • Potion Ingredients sheet 
  • Assorted utensils & bowls details sheet 
  • Mixed herbs & utensils details sheet 
  • Stove 
  • Assorted bottles and jars 
  • A large Cauldron & Base
  • Plants (2)
Detailed Ingredients & Utensils Detailed Ingredients & Utensils


 The Tavern Hall

The murmur of conversation, the odd raucous laugh, the smell of stale beer and tobacco smoke, sticky counter tops, the clink of mugs... The Tavern is the central focal point of almost any town or city, and is an excellent place for adventurers to relax, get provisions and accommodation, or procure information.
Tavern Hall Box Set Tavern Hall Box Set

The Tavern Hall Box Set will include:

  • A set of Tavern Benches 
  • Wooden Shelves (2) 
  • Large Wooden Ale Barrels (4) 
  • Assorted foods and utensils to cover every table surface and more 
  • General accessories, including crates and wine jars
  • Assorted bottles and mugs (unpictured) 
  • Short wooden tables (2) and seats
  • Long wooden table (1) and seats
  • Wooden Stools set (6)
Tavern Counter & Barrels Tavern Counter & Barrels


Funds will go directly towards material costs and packaging costs to have the box sets produced, as well as toward new and duplicate moulds for some of the pieces in these sets.

And More, to be announced:

Once the first funding goal is reached, I will announce additional stretch goals, including:

  • Custom printed game tiles for each box set,
  • Bonus scenery pieces and details for each set,
  • New complete box set options to choose from, including a Bedroom box set,  Kitchens box set, and a Wizards Study box set, which are currently in development.
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Oof. Same time period as ForgePrint's AdventureScapes! ::(:


First Created, but his webstore has been around several years. See his webstore's Gallery page.


Free shipping to AUS, $25 to USA. Do we have any AUS Reaperites here? Support your local KS!

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