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The Making of the Reaper Chaos Toads

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23 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

I hope that answers your questions adequately.


Yes it does, thanks for answering. It's really interesting, the pros and cons of working with bones.

And the brawler is looking fantastic.


8 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:

For me, it's the texture that's the problem, I think. I like macaroni salad just fine, but I can't tolerate potato salad.


Just so everybody's vilification can be comprehensive, I also can't stand coleslaw. ::D:


You need to be making that your self. 

  • start with good waxy potatoes
  • make your mayonnaise from scratch, no egg whites and no vegetable oil.
  • fresh chives
  • and everything's better with bacon.

Also coleslaw didn't you to have mayonnaise in it, it was more like fresh sauerkraut.



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Spines and Skulls

One thing I struggle with is too much reality.  Normally, this isn't a problem for me, but when sculpting fantasy creatures, it can be a downright handicap.  I have a very strong tendency to follow real world nature way too closely when making my little creations.  That is the primary reason that I asked Ron for Izzy's help with these; I needed her eye for the fantastic.


As I said before, I was basing the Brawler on a horned lizard.  As usual, I got reference pictures of the skin of said lizard and prepared to copy it onto the Brawler.  Then I stopped, and thought, "No, it needs bigger spines and more spines!"  I sculpted one.  It took a while to get it right.  I looked at the model and envisioned how many spines I wanted.  I'd still be sculpting spines at that rate.  Thankfully, I had a brand-spanking new, lost-wax foundry in my basement that needed a test subject.  I wasn't sure that I wanted my first attempts to be on something I needed, so I decided to sculpt 3 skulls and try my hand at casting them.  I mean, who wouldn't want more skulls laying around.




Then I made a rubber mold, made wax copies, put them on a wax tree, and cast them.  I now have my own little tree or doom, ready whenever I need a skull. If you are interested in the details on me casting, you can read more here.






After that success, I sculpted another 6 spines of varying sizes and put them on a sprue, molded them, made the wax copies, treed them, and cast them in pewter.






28.JPG.f3b4c155cedf5b70802877ee60a77b2b.JPG 29.JPG.0c33af54fe62fdd2a9e73db8ad4d9ad5.JPG


Woot, I was ready to spine up the Brawler!


Have a great weekend,




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Greens and the process of sculpting always freek me out. I worked in 1/4 scale as a scenic designer and all my items were then made HUGE for the stage. The first shocker I had was when I saw Bobbie Jackson sculpting his Halfling Pirate and he was explaining to me at that long ago con how he sculpted. He showed me the green and said it was a hafling I looked at the boots and asked "but halfing's don't wear shoes" he promptly hacked off the boot and sculpted the foot in front of me. That was a total paradigm shift for me ever since then the world of miniatures has been a wonder to me. I will never ever grasp the smallness of it all.

Watching the evolution of your Chaos Frogs is a marvel from Izzy's sketch to one big broccoli badass frog that I can paint is a froggie bottom break down for me.


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I love seeing all this eventhough I can barely sculpt a rock.

I did buy some sculpting tools recently...who knows, I might try to sculpt something more complicated ( a bigger rock.)


Anyway I love your Chaos Toads, all things Reptile/Amphibian, Chaos and Undead appeal to me...so Chaos Toads are a double hit for me.

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I can't even express how much I love seeing the sculpting process on a mini that I will eventually be able to own; I feel like I get to know the mini personally! ^_^


So, thank you very much for sharing the magic that happens behind the scenes! :D



--OneBoot :D

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Detailing Skin

On the underside skin of the Brawler, I used my spear tool to create a slashed, wrinkled skin look.  For the skin on its back, however, and the skin on the Savage, I wanted a much more warty look.  This would take forever to sculpt by hand, so I decided to take some advice I once got from Julie G. and created texture stamps. These I made from 1mm thick sheets of GS that I sculpted an inverse image of warty skin in three different textures. I could then lay down and smooth a layer of skin on the models and then press these onto the model to quickly texture the skin.


Here are the three stamps (from left to right: Savage Belly Skin, Brawler Back Skin, Savage Back Skin):





I sculpted almost all of the savage before I thought to take pictures.  Here it is after I finished it's skin:



31.JPG.847596eb2bfa50bd0be413d80e0c0c36.JPG 32.JPG.9709a9dbe99951bafc95df5049f7536b.JPG




I've Got a Fever and the Only Cure is More Spines!

On the Brawler, I sculpted the back skin.  Once cured, I drilled holes in each location I wanted a spine, then attached it with a mix of GS/Apoxie Sculpt.


My kids thought I had gone spine crazy. "More SPINES!" I'd shout when they came down.  I started quoting the cowbell skit from SNL with "Spines" in place of "cow bell".  There's no way I was going to be accused of being too conservative on this one.  


Once all the spines cured in place, I went back and ringed the base of each with GS and textured it to match the skin.  In the end, I think the total number of spines/spikes on the Brawler came to 81 (and now you have to paint them all; mwahahahahaha :devil:).







I also did some work on the Sorcerer, especially on its basic body and lava bomb.  Here all all three from this time:





As you can see, I had moved the savage to a large cork trivet where I could map out and sculpt it's base. Here is one of the skulls I casted put to good use on the base:





That's all for tonight on these guys.






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Detailing the Sorcerer

I worked on the Sorcerer last. Izzy had drawn it with swirling tattoos, which I interpreted as scarification markings.  She liked that idea, so I went with it.  I started them out on its left leg and ran them up the body to the chest and head, capping it with a swirling design on the forehead.


I was originally going to have the sorcerer holding a smoking orb with moaning ghostly faces, but then Julie came out with a caster in January holding the exact same thing I was planning on doing.  Not wanting it to look like I was ripping off Julie's ideas, I went with a smoking lava bomb instead.


Izzy had detailed the loin cloth and gear on this guy, and I wanted to reflect that closely in the sculpt, only changing its motion for the pose.  It took a lot of layers to get all the gear sculpted in.


Here are some working shots of the Sorcerer:




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Final Shots of the Savage

I went on with the savage to sculpt a loin cloth and two creature skulls on the Savage's belt. You can see these features in the following pictures:










One thing that you likely do not know is that I designed the Savage so that its right leg would come off for casting.  I should note that I am not certain if this will still be the same in Bones.  Bones production is very different from metal production and the final product may be a very different mix.  I'm very interested to see what they do with it myself.





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