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Textured paint

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Does anyone have recipe for mixing up textured paint like GW makes?


The recipes I've seen and videos from youtube are a little vague on the ratios and such.


I get the gist of it which combines wall filler (Drydex I assume), paint and sand.


Is this what you guys use?

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On 9/4/2017 at 9:26 AM, Doug Sundseth said:

You can mix them yourself or you can just get acrylic texture mediums ("media" would be more historically correct <_<) from art supply stores. Then just mix to a color that you like.


I'd fully agree.  Got to your local art supply store.  All sorts of texture paints.  Otherwise I found mediums from AK Interactive quite good.  Not sure about where you are or if somewhere local has the products.  Added link to the store I use here in Australia.


[link to mightyape.com]


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