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77367: Spell Effect: Shadow Tentacles (2) x5


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Good job on the tentacles!! I like the colours. 
If you want them brighter I can only give you some advice.

Highlight reds with orange-red colour. 

Getting blending to have a high chroma involves mixing the right pigments together, this is hard with hobby paints (which are allready made of multiple pigments). A good article to read is : http://figurementors.com/the-science-of-oil-paints-with-kyle-kolbe ; even thought it speak about oil painting, it still works for acrylics. It also gives a nice introduction to buying artist grade paints. 

One of the major things found in the article (that is usefull for mixing bright colours) is: "All paint hues contain biases to a neighboring color hue, meaning that no paint can represent a pure “primary” color like red, blue, and yellow to mix all other colors". This means that mixing a blue-purple with a red-purple will result in a bright colour, while mixing blue-green with red-orange will result in a dull colour.  

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