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Green Stuff World Textures Rollers

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Has anyone seen the textured rollers made by the company Green Stuff World?   Came across them when I was buying some items to make bases.   Bought a few of them, but now I have seen how simple and quick it is to make bases am thinking I will buy the others when I am a little more financial.   Tonight pumped out 16 bases using the planks for rebasing some of the Rum & Bones stuff I am about to paint.  


Anyhoo thought I'd share the before and after pics.   Did a quick paint up of them to see how they would turn out. Just bases coat, washes and bit of drybrushing.   First one is meant to be frozen, but I thought it would work really well as lava.

First Bases.jpg

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The world of Green Stuff is a favorite among quite a few of us forumites.

They have way too much nice stuff... 


I also like that they've begun shipping the rolling pins in clear plastic tubes.

(They're also selling the tubes if anyone has old pins they want to protect.)


The only other product that is close to these in detail quality is the Basius Stamps, and most of those are limited to 50x50mm areas. These are rolls, so can make a long pattern.


Their Rolling Pins, the Roll Maker, and their 'Blue Stuff' reusable mould is my fave items from them.


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They base size above is 25mm.  Fits perfectly into the usual black slotted bases that come with most minis.   Best thing is the lid of the tube is basically a cookie cutter.   Makes just the right size circle.  Last night in prep for rebasing painted Rum & Bones Second Tide minis, made 16 plank bases.  Was a little bored.  So thought I'd see how quick I could make churn them out.  Took all of about 20 mins.  Rolled out the fimo, cut the bases using the lid cookie cutter idea, 5 (maybe 7) mins at 175 degrees Celsius.  Bases done.  One of my kitchen appliances has a cutter that would probably work for the bigger bases.  Otherwise already told my Mum who is a chef I am going to raid her cooking tools for cutters of the right size.  LOL as an aside she wanted to offload usual cookie cutters on me.  So bases in the shape of stars and hearts?  YAY!


The plank one above is going to be used for a mini I am painting now.  Well not now.  But atm.  So will post a pic to give an idea of scale I guess.  


Was going to buy Basius stuff eventually.  But I think if I can get these rollers I might stick with them for a while.

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