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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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Wheels, on sprues similar to the Bones Weapon assortments.


Solid cart wheels, spoked wagon and carriage wheels, riveted wheels for steampunk.


The Auld Grump - wife is with Mum, at a baseball game. (I have been instructed to call her Mum, not Megan's Mum.... I need to work on that.)

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On 6/10/2018 at 11:02 PM, pedronunesv said:

Huge 5th edition Orcus


Marut (Mordenkainen's tome of foes)

yuan-ti anathema
A fallen angel 
Zombie T-rex



More buildings


I'll second Yeenoghu! Something the size of the Minotaur Demon Lord.

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I hope they add a couple more Saproling warriors to the next kickstarter. I have no idea why I like those little guys so much but I already have 5 copies of the bones 3 one and I already want more. They seem like a perfect ambush predator for a forest encounter. They also go well as backup for small fey, dryads, an evil druid, a treant, etc... There are so many situations that you can throw them into to make a too easy encounter a little more interesting. 

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I agree completely with CorallineAlgae about the Saproling warriors... in fact, I'd really like to see a lot more stuff in that sort of Haunted Woodland theme:

  • Saprolings
  • Treants (the big guy in Bones4 is a fantastic setpiece, but how about some smaller ones?)
  • Satyrs, Dryads, Nymphs, Green Men
  • creepy, ugly, unfriendly, mischievous small faeries and fey of all sorts  (throwing stones and pulling awful faces and so on; see Arthur Rakham's classic illustrations for faerie tales)
  • Animals Behaving Badly - the Big Bad Wolf, Sly Fox, and their buddies, up to no good
  • Anthropomorphic rocks and stalagmites with unfriendly expressions and big, hungry mouths
  • Twig Golems and Mandrakes (little "stick people" and animated humanoid plant roots)
  • Swamp Shamblers
  • muggle woodland animals (for use as familiars, animal companions, summoned animals, etc.)
  • scenic bits (maybe like those creepy Blair Witch Project stick-things?)
  • NPC Druids and Hedge-Witches and hermits and hags, neutral, good and evil....




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I'd also really like to see some of the missing Planar beings. Such as...

- A giant sized Angel on the same size scale as all the big demons lords and arch-devils available.

- More varied Angels in general.

- Some Fey-like Outsiders (Eladrin, Azats, etc.). Including a giant, butterfly-winged, "Queen of the Fey" type.

- A large , winged, "Horned Devil" with a spiked chain.

- A "Barbed Devil".

- Imps, Quaits, Cerubs, etc.

- A Medium Earth Elemental.

- A Medium Water Elemental.


Now that there will be a set of three Stone Giants coming out in Bones 4 I'd really like to complete my giants collection. Which would mean...

- Three Storm Giants (including an up-sized version of 77163) and an animal companion (something aquatic?).

- Three Cloud Giants (including an up-sized version of 77162) and an animal companion (giant eagle?).

- A Female Hill Giant.


Other Humanoids below that which I'd like to see would be...

- Female Hellborn Armored Warrior type and Male Hellborn Rogue type.

- More varied Orcs (both in class and gender).

- More female and male Hobgoblins in general.

- More varied Lizard-folk.


As for Humans there's still a lot that I feel is missing...

- Tasteful African inspired figures. Not just a bunch of crude half naked savages.

- "Middle Eastern" style figures of all different classes. Including more then generic belly dancer types btw.

- Human Druids. I can't think of a single Bones figure that would make for a decent Human Druid.

- Lower end Human Warriors, of both genders, in armors other then full plate. Like full chain for example.

Full plate covered a blip in time in one corner of the world. Lamellar was used across the breadth of the Old World over thousands of years. Yet we don't have a single figure in Lamellar. :/

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I'd like to see giant kings/queens for the giants that don't yet have them - especially stone giant rulers. The existing sculpts are spectacular.


Also would love to see sophisticated adventurers and NPCs with African and Middle Eastern appearances. The Overturn KS has me drooling over what Middle Eastern figures could be, and there are rich game settings that use these themes.


More Dreadmere; I seriously love the feel of those pieces. 

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