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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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I"m surprised I haven't seen any requests for heads for modding. Bones being the perfect material for modding, and head swapping being a good way of getting a character race that fits a concept.

Could see a set of male/female for main races, or a set of monster races (lizard heads for lizardfolk or dragonborn, pig-faced orcs, orcs), or a set small races (gnomes/halfling/goblin). Maybe M/F sets of 6 heads each? roughly.

It's a quick way to get more female and racial character options

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A couple Bones royal families might be nice, now that Phoenix Rising has mentioned giant kings/queens.   Human kings, queens, princes, and princesses, court jesters, advisors, court wizards, bishops and high priestesses, generals and admirals, mayors and sheriffs and functionaries, grand viziers and tribal chiefs and such... wholesome looking royal families, evil-looking ones, non-human NPC leaders and such like elves and halflings and whatever, etc....  I could put these characters to all sorts of NPC and PC use - quest-givers, villains, background NPCs, characters in costume, statues of long-dead historical figures in ruined cities, etc., but currently, I think we've got a Dwarf King and his court and maybe a couple nondescript orc and goblin chiefs in Bones so far, and that's it. 


And I think the request for Bones sprues of heads is a great idea - human heads, elf heads, catfolk heads, demon/devil heads, dragon-folk heads, etc.  I know that cat-people and dragon-people and demon-people were pretty popular in the last couple Kickstarter polls - with so many Bones human and elf characters out there, and so many of these less-common PC races that are generally head-swappable with human bodies, I think head sprues would be a great way to go for those who want to create their own character models. 


I'll take the time to add hat and helmet sprues, too.  For those relatively "generic" armored fighting-men models like Reaper's recent bandits, crusaders, and such, you can get a lot of mileage for adding variety to them with some simple helmet  and weapon swaps.

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Giant Wasps (half to 3/4 the size of a normal human).  Maybe on a clear post/maybe done in clear Bonesium.


Giant Ants (good for a 25mm base).


Mountain Goat.




Alligator Snapping Turtle.  Those suckers get pretty big (old males can get to 36" or so, which would be great for a 25mm base)--and chompy when provoked.


Large Lizard (like the recently released metal Komodo Dragon, or something similar).


Some sort of pterosaur in largish (40mm or 50mm base) size.

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I forgot the tiger. FOR-GOT, I tell you. :-(
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+1 for giant wasps, and mountain goats. 




More low level/non heroic archers/crossbowmen and women of all races. In the current kickstarter only about 10 figures have long range weapons out of '00s. 


Low level soldiers/spear carriers from the "good" races so elven archers and spearmen, gnome engineers, dwarves with axes and crossbows, etc. There are dozens of amazing character and NPC models that fit these descriptions but what if you wanted 3' common' elven archers? 


A big broccoli djinn or genie, ie the size of some of the new giants. With or without someone on a flying carpet trying to get away from them. 

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Terrain/Buildings -

  • Dungeon accoutrements--ladders, braziers, fountains, columns, traps, mining carts/tools/rails, furniture, tiles/corners/rooms
  • Castles--walls, gates, towers, modular would be nice
  • Town-- Buildings--inns, taverns, shops, dwellings, bazaars, furniture, roads, accoutrements such as fountains, gardens, parks, statues, hedges
  • Natural features--waterfalls, trees, cave mouths, scrubs, hills, boulders


Domesticated/Farm animals -

  • Cows
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Cats
  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Lambs


Spell Representations -

  • Wall of iron/fire/fog/ice
  • [Biggby's] Hands (interposing, grasping, crushing, etc.)
  • Stinking Cloud
  • Cone of cold
  • [Tenser's] floating disc
  • Lightning/ball lightning/fireball
  • Blade barrier
  • Magic mouth
  • Enlarged versions of at least some basic adventurers
  • Reduced versions of at least some basic adventurers
  • Invisible versions of more basic adventurers
  • Flying versions of at least some basic adventurers
  • etc. etc...


Vehicles  and machines-

  • Siege engines
  • Siege towers
  • Cannons
  • Chariots
  • Howdah Platforms
  • boats big and small
  • airships
  • catapaults & trebuchets

Congrats you are 2¢ richer. :)

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I would really like to see some smaller prehistoric animals.

There are many creatures from the Cambrian, Devonian and Carniforous period that would make great fantastic beasts.

Nature has experimented and came up with creatures that could easily fit into any fantasy world.

And there are little or none of these available in toys/minis.

Everybody has their focus on dinos.

Just take a look at these and please make some or all of these in Bones one day?




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19 hours ago, Thoramel said:

I would very much like to see a group of goblin musicians. Specifically with percussion instruments. Drums of all sizes, cymbals, tambourines, maracas, maybe even a triangle would be cool. Goblins need marching music too.

Don't forget the cevgen.

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A female Chimera (slightly small and without a mane) or alternately variant Chimeras. Such as...


Lynx Chimera, with white dragon head/wings, and a white goat's head.

Panther Chimera, with black dragon head/wings, and a black goat's head.

Leopard Chimera, with a green dragon head/wings, and a brown goat's head.

Tiger Chimera, with red dragon head/wings, and an auburn goat's head.


PS. Also a Dragonne.

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