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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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On 8/7/2018 at 2:50 AM, Glitterwolf said:

I would really like to see some smaller prehistoric animals.

There are many creatures from the Cambrian, Devonian and Carniforous period that would make great fantastic beasts.

Nature has experimented and came up with creatures that could easily fit into any fantasy world.

And there are little or none of these available in toys/minis.

Everybody has their focus on dinos.

Just take a look at these and please make some or all of these in Bones one day?



YES - and they don't even need to be realistic prehistoric animals - fantasy megafauna are great, too.


Dire coelocanthes, giant horseshoe crab swarms, cambrian millipede-men?  Sign me up!


On 8/7/2018 at 3:46 PM, Thoramel said:

I would very much like to see a group of goblin musicians. Specifically with percussion instruments. Drums of all sizes, cymbals, tambourines, maracas, maybe even a triangle would be cool. Goblins need marching music too.


And a Goblin gypsy folk band, with lovely and enchanting goblin dancing girls....


I'm having a vision, and in this vision, Goblins are the Lords - and Ladies - of the dance!  This is central to Goblin magic, and the Goblin rain dancers dance so hard, it causes torrential downpours, thunder and lightning, and whirlwinds of doom! 


And the Goblins are cool with that, because that's how they roll....


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It'd be cool to see some Far Eastern-type stuff. Oriental dragons, samurai, the various character types/classes/monsters in an Asian flavor. There's lots of interesting demons & whatnot in artwork that would make for some fun stuff to paint!

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Geez, I'm starting to feel like I'm spamming posts...


But anyway: diver in canvas suit with diving helmet.  The really old type where the "diver" really just walked along the bottom and air was pumped down in a long hose into a big brass/copper helmet (ex. US Navy Mark V helmet).

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Bones 5 Suggestions:


An Insect Hive box:

- more large insects like centipedes and ants- one to a 1-inch base, like the 77025 spiders

- giant ants and wasps (the size of 77337 Giant Scorpion)

- insect men- warriors, shaman, queen



- Small elementals (like the water weird miniature) but for the other elements

- necromentals- pyre, grave, blood, swarm

- para-elementals- ice, smoke, magma, ooze



- Adventurer accessories- lanterns, pouches, spellbooks, backpacks/saddlebags, sacks, rope etc. to customize a figure. 

- Female Hill Giants

- Hill Giant Shaman

- treasure icons/chests

- room decor- wizard, priest, etc.

- new clay golem

- small iron golem

- stained glass golem

- mummy wrap golem


Lost Valley 2 Box:

- Stone Giant Shaman

- Female Cavemen and More People of the Dawnlands

- Prehistoric animals (not just dinosaurs)

- Sea monsters- even waterline versions of them


Transport box:

- Wagons and carts- 2 and 4 wheeled, cages, gypsy style, cargo loaded, etc. 

- small boats (longboat, rowboat, skiff, barge etc.) 

- scatter terrain to load on (groups of barrels, boxes, etc.)


Asian-inspired Box

- monsters

- characters

- small architectural features


Doorways and Portals Box:

- simple wooden (straight, double, or round topped)

- gates (S,D,R)

- ornate metal (S,D,R)

- ornate wood (S,D,R)

- sinister wood and metal

- magical (portals, inscribed)

- mine/cave archways

- racial architecture (elf/dwarf)

- trap tiles or archways

- a variety of town/building signs

- town features (well, market stall, stocks/pillory etc.)



- crude tents/huts (for monster village) several styles/sizes

- better tents or huts (for armies, traders, adventurers or peasants) in several styles/sizes 

- bonus points if they are slightly smaller than each for nesting/stacking storage

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A great thing to have would be several sizes of wagon- big ones though, that siege weapons could be mounted on or large rolling forts.  in AD&D 2nd Ed. Dark Sun had some great ideas for giant caravans of rolling forts pulled by giant beetles or lizards.

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