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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4

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A cat drsgon

Friends for the mouselings - cute critters besides mice but in the mouseling style

More female ogres, giants, etc

More terrain - huts, ruins, cottages

DDS2 terrain separate would be nice (I know it won't happen but the title of the thread is Bones You'd Like To See ::D:

Romanesque minis - statues, gods, goddesses, townsfolk in togas

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I like more terrain like a Tower, a Small house, Huts, Farm, Stockades, Animal penns, a Western style saloon, House, Sherrif's office, Tents, Tipis, Iglo.

Maybe an oasis, think a small translucent pool of water and a few palm trees, and cacti?

Large cactus ( Arizona style).

A Pyramid/ Ancient Temple/ Dungeon entrance half buried.




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Cat Dragon


Murkillor, Wraith King of the Dark Moors (03790) and maybe two more similar style wraiths.  Because reasons.

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Two giant River Guardian Statues, left and right, with left hands outstretched and right hands holding axes.

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1. Storm Giants

2. Cloud Giants

3/4. Gold/Brass dragon - where the wings go all the way down the tail.


I think you did a good job adding to hill, fire and frost giants, and I'm happy with the addition if stone giants, but the other two types are still missing (current cloud giants are not to scale). And metallic dragons need some representation!


Also, love the wyverns!!! And the turtle dragon. Can't wait to get them!

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Demogorgon (Gargantuan = 4-inch base)

Bigger Lolth (Gargantuan?)


I am still waiting for a real gargantuan green dragon which fits well with WotC's pre-painted great wyrms. They never made a green one. And will never do in near future.




Giant space hamster

Large dragon man


#For PCs

More Bones 3-like weapon packs. How about polearms?

More non-dwarf characters with warhammers and mauls


#Scenery and Decorations

Dungeon gates. 1 square, 2 squares and more

Castle gate and walls

Siege towers

Flying carpet



Modern adult men and women in business suit, armed and unarmed

Modern adult men and women in casual clothes, armed and unarmed

Joshikosei, armed and unarmed

Danshi-Kokosei, armed and unarmed

Teenager boys and girls in casual clothes, armed and unarmed

Medical Doctor and Nurse




More mousling. more and more mouslings.

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More varieties of cavalry

Large (ogre/troll/giant) sized weapons for conversions

More terrain/scenery/dungeon dressing

The Koborlas line of Warlord figures

Giants (both the ones we don't have more than one of already, and female versions of the hill and fire giants)



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In no particular order:

  • Githyanki/githzerai
  • Tieflings
  • Dragonborn
  • Female hill and fire giants
  • Cloud and storm giants of both genders at the newer size
  • More mounted folks
  • Wizards that are not old men (the no-beards?)
  • More weapon sprues (someone mentioned polearms -- yes please)
  • Bigger dragons that could easily be white, green, blue, and black approaching T'Raukzul in size. Blightfang, Deathsleet, Stormwing, and Ebonwrath must have bigger siblings/parents, right?
  • Hobgoblin spellcasters
  • More hobgoblins in general
  • Bugbear shaman
  • A lizardfolk champion/king/queen with some armor or something
  • An ettercap
  • More troglodytes
  • More "deep ones"/kuo-toa
  • A huge+ demon lord with two baboon heads and tentacle arms
  • Another lich model (bonus points if it's already missing a hand)
  • A vampire in armor
  • A huge+ demon lord of undeath, maybe in a new, more dynamic sculpt?
  • A banderhobb
  • An androsphynx
  • More mind flayers/balthians
  • A huge superyeti
  • Orc ladies
  • Half-orc ladies
  • More bandits
  • A ruined temple/cathedral
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* Astral Reavers ("not-Gith", 02765, 03540)

* Bakarathi (02965, 02278, 02258, 02240, 02179, 02171)
* Redcaps, Leprechauns, Tommyknockers, Faeries, Brownies, Pixies, and other Fey (especially dark, mischievous, malevolent, or just spooky)

* Swamp Shambler (03243)

* "Misfit Monsters" like the Flumph, Wolf-in-Sheep's-Clothing, Umpleby,

* Yokai spirits/monsters (such as those from the bizarre 1960s movies)

* Darkthrall Cultists (06175, 14320)

* Malvernis Inquisitors (02720, 02683, 0212, 02337, 02324)

* Jalahandra Warriors/Assassins (02396, 02388, 50193, 02406, 02426)

* Cannibal/Headhunter Pygmies (Pygmies 03497; also, standard-human-sized 03145, 50083, 500185, 50225, 50102)

* Kid Townfolk (03233, 03472, 50042, 50090, 50231)

* Kid Adventurers and Sidekicks (03783, 03760, 50334, squire from 14212 - young adventurers are a staple of fantasy fiction and pulp adventure!)

* Creepy Kids (a staple of horror fiction!)
* Non-Human and Monster Townsfolk and Kids (like the Orc Matron with Baby Orcs, not necessarily as cartoonish:  03511)

Sure, most of these are mostly weird, niche requests, but weird, niche things appeal to me.

"I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things." - Tyrion Lannister

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fixed formatting
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  • Monkey people (like the Pathfinder Vanara)
  • Indian Elephant with removable Howdah
  • Horses
  • Rider legs with attached saddles (just add upper bodies of other minis to make them into riders)
  • Tents and pavilions
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Familiar packs of multiple animal types (inspired by my need for tropical fish and crustaceans). Some might have too fight of detail to be worth it, others and it would be beneficial. 


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