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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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On 1/30/2019 at 7:39 PM, Kuroneko said:

A nice big hydra ::D:

Bigger that 77191?  That one is already around 7 or 8 inches long. 



For myself I'd like a big oriental style dragon.  No wings.  Long serpentine body all coiled and twisted. Mane and whiskers on his head.  

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On 2/2/2019 at 11:05 AM, MikeD said:

Bigger that 77191?  That one is already around 7 or 8 inches long. 



For myself I'd like a big oriental style dragon.  No wings.  Long serpentine body all coiled and twisted. Mane and whiskers on his head.  



I would love to see more Oriental monsters and creatures.

The Behir from Bones III is nice, I would like a larger one, a true Asian Dragon.


Besides that I would love to see more stuff like Foo Dogs, More Kitsunes, Oni etc.


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I would love to see an entire kickstarter expansion based on Oriental/Asian themes. There are so many possibilities that could go in there:



- Samurai

- Geisha

- Ninjas

- Monks (including an unarmed, there aren't really many options of unarmed characters)


Mythical Monsters

- Classic Oriental Dragon

- Water Serpent

- Qilin/Kylin (Chinese hooved chimerical creature)

- Feng Huang (Chinese phoenix)

- Pixiu (Chinese chimera - Head of a Chinese dragon, antlers, body of a lion, feathered wings)

- Qiu Yu - (Rabbit with a beak, it has eyes like an owl)

- Raiju (Japanese thunder dog)

- Huan (Chinese cat with 1 eye and 3 tails)

- Kun-Peng (Chinese massive hybrid beast of fish & bird)


Mythical Humanoids

- Tiger-were People

- Kitsune People

- Praying Mantis People

- Kappa (Japanese swamp demon/imps/yokai)

- Asian style Spirits (maybe using translucent bones)

- Yuki-onna (Japanese snow woman)



- 9-tail Fox

- Monkeys - Colobines (3-5 different sculpts small to medium size)

- Yaks

- Locust Swarms

- Giant Insects - Water Striders, Dragonflies, Fireflies

- Panda

- Crane

- Large Tortoise



- Chinese Guardian lions statues (like on the Bones 4 portal, but by themselves)

- Roadside Shrine

- Torii Gates

- Jade Regent (like this one, maybe more static pose)

- Terracotta Soldiers 

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Needle Blight, Twig Blight, and Vine Blight equivalents in Bones would be great. Suggestions:


Needle Blight = 03882: Blighted Dryad by Ben Siens

Twig Blights = 03865: Briarlings by Ben Siens

Vine Blight = ???, but a third sculpt by Ben Siens would make them look nice and cohesive


A Swarm of Ravens in Bones would be great too. Suggestion:


03479: Murder of Crows by Julie Guthrie


A wolfpack of regular-sized wolves in Bones would also be great. Suggestion:


02830: Wolf Pack by Geoff Valley


A Shambling Mound equivalent in Bones would be great too.

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This is probably a weird one... 


I would like to see an ogre that has been raised by halflings. So, half a barrel on its head, contented look, eating a cow leg instead of a drum stick. 


Then, one raised by dwarves. So quite well fitting armour, scary looking axe, but a bandage/bump as he keeps hitting his head. 


Finally, one raised by elves. Arrogant far away look, pony tail, bow like a child's toy and sword like a dagger, smart robes and armour, but his toes and gut are poking out. 


All possibly inspired by the films des Steve Martin.. 

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A full on "Middle East" expansion (as per Dreadmere and the like). With all kinds of monsters from Arabian and Persian mythology and a good range of human figures. There's so much more then just belly dancers and Aladdin/Sinbad type charter options. They weren't all half naked. They actually had heavy armored cavalry comparable to European knights back then too!


Also a tasteful/respectful expansion for sub-Saharan Africa would be nice too (ie. not just a bunch of "jungle bunnies" and brute savages). Ethiopia and the Ghana Empire might be good sources of inspiration.


Maybe one for East Asia too but that's a little less interesting to me personally.

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I play in a Bi-weekly D&D campaign and host one. So we have 2 DM's with similar issues.


There are simply not enough Female miniatures of the Player Character Races that player's see themselves as (AKA Sexy).

The biggest one is girls want to be dragons, sexy dragons, sexy dragon sorcerers and sexy dragon rogues and sexy dragon fighters.

The current mini figures across all platforms is (1) that is commercially currently available from you guys and (DSM7454 Dragonborn Mage) came out and is a great start.


If you could go through all the player character races and come out with sexy versions of Spell Caster, Rogue, Archer, Heavy Armor, No Armor versions, it would help the female player base feel like they want to be their mini-figure in this fantasy world. Usually we have to cut and glue together several mini's to reach some level of satisfaction or we do color paper cutouts with a stand.


Below is in order the characters we have struggled to get mini's that our female players are happy with:

  1. Female Sexy Dragon-borne (2H Fighter, Sorcerer, Paladin)
  2. Female Sexy Firbolg (Fighter 2H)
  3. Female Sexy Half-Orc (Barbarian 2H)
  4. Female Sexy Orc (Fighter 2H)
  5. Female Sexy Dwarf (There are many Dwarfs, and some females, but none that really make you think "that's me")
  6. Female Sexy Goliath
  7. Female Sexy Minotaur (Monk)

If Reaper addressed this next Kickstarter, our players (12 and 2 DM's) would be very happy.


Thanks and I can't wait for the Kickstarter 4 mini's to arrive.


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I think it would be really cool to have have a "weapon sprue" of spell effects, maybe in a clear translucent material so that it can be stained appropriately with glazes but allow for different colours.


Things like:

lightning bolts

Cone of fire (& frost)

Magic skull effect



This would be cool to convert casters (spells leaving their hand), or maybe decorate bases (an air gensai with lightning bolts around them) , or show monsters giving a breath attack (some of the smaller dragons have open mouths - it could be fun to have them breathing fire). 

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