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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4

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My post Bones 4 list:

  • female Hill Giant
  • updated and upscaled Cloud Giants and Storm Giants...the original from Bones 1 are great, but they are tiny compared to other stuff these days!
  • An Orc Wizard in the style of the Tre Manor Black Orcs...most of the other "horde" types have a caster sculpt in Bones by now.  I have plenty that would work, but I'm a big fan of continuing themes.
  • I'd been wanting one in Bones for so long, I hate saying Cyclops again, but we could use a second sculpt!  Not that I don't like the first, but as I mentioned before, the "clone" issue for a monster that can appear in groups
  • Kabaka Kawana, Ape Lord http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Dark Heaven Legends/price/03052
  • More non-Human Undead.  Especially a Zombie Ogre that's a bit more feral looking than the one from Bones 2.
  • Zombie T-Rex!
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A full on "Middle East" expansion (as per Dreadmere and the like). With all kinds of monsters from Arabian and Persian mythology and a good range of human figures. There's so much more then just belly

A lady lich, because why not?   Older female mages and some younger male ones, to go against the Gandalf and "hot caster lady" types.   Also here for any and all fey, but especiall

Horse + travel vehicles pulled by horses. Carts, carriages, wagons, etc. 

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19 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:


I believe one of the bones 4 models is a cyclops? Or do you mean more?


I have wanted Kabaka Kawana in bones since the first KS. He's huge, and awesome, but so heavy in metal!

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I have noticed that the minis in the DHL and Pathfinder lines that come with larger companion animals (various leopards and wolfs) loose their animals in Bones. Any chance they could available in Bones (or metal too)? It would be great to be able to get these separately. Even packs of 3-5 of the different animals would be great.

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15 hours ago, redambrosia said:

I believe one of the bones 4 models is a cyclops? Or do you mean more?


I have wanted Kabaka Kawana in bones since the first KS. He's huge, and awesome, but so heavy in metal!

Yes, another sculpt other than the first Bones Cyclops that will be coming in Bones 4.

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I would love to have a range of dragon wings of all sizes available for conversions. This way we could make our own cat dragons, lion dragons, giant demons, sabertooth dragons......... There are probably folks out there who would like the option to use Ebonwraith's wings on the Bones Lavawrath. 


DoIng the same with Pegasi and angle wings would also be great!

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On 9/17/2017 at 10:01 PM, Doug Sundseth said:
  • Monkey people (like the Pathfinder Vanara)...


Or, like Patrick Keith's Charau-Ka (Monkey Warriors & Shaman - 60093, 60094)

I also like Jason Wiebe's Goblin heroes (14429, 14394, 14373, 14206, 14123, 02932, 03210, 06170, 06167, 06166, 14178, 14095, 03211)


Also, Zoogs and Zoog PCs


Sure, we've got lots of great goblins in all the other Bones Kickstarters, but Bones is perfect for fielding hordes of little mooks like Goblins, and Jason Weibe's Goblin rangers, wizards, clerics and such make great Goblin PCs (Pathfinder) and also stand-out NPCs....  And Zoogs - the mischievous, slippery, hairy, fluttering, weird-eyed little Lovecraftian Dreamlands monsters - haven't really gotten many good mini sculpts from anyone over the years; since they're also now a PC race in Pathfinder (thanks to an upcoming Lovecraft-themed Pathfinder supplement, along with Dreamlands Cats and a few others), Bones V would be a great time to add a handful of Zoog characters to the Bones line-up....

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-Another weapons set, this one with several hinged or chain weapons (i.e., flails, manriki-gusari, three-piece staff, bolos, whip, net)

-the chain weapons pack (03076), with the chains bent in various ways



I love the chain weapons pack, but it is so small it is difficult to work with in metal. For simply converting a sword to a flail, Bones would be far superior!

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Bones Conversion bits:  Weapons, gear, tools of all sorts, hats, heads and hands, mechanical and mutant and monster bits, etc.  Bones models are so fun to convert and modify, they virtually demand more conversion bits!


Metal Mascots:  these guys always seem like they'd be fun to mix into zombie apocalypse hordes, make unique undead fantasy monsters, act as steampunk/diesel-punk/superhero villains, make splendid arch-villains for post-apocalyptic and space-opera games, etc.  Just take your standard-issue shambling skeletons, zombies, ghouls, or vampires, stick a crazy hairdo, gas mask, goggles, and/or retro/futuristic/current military/police/medieval out on them, add random spikes/chains/blades, and give them a dash of character and an over-the-top pose, and you've got a generic mascot; wash, rinse, repeat a few times, and you have a whole squad of 'em....


Euro Metal Goon Squad:  seriously, those long-haired extreme metal guys who make their own home-made armor and weapons, paint their faces like ghouls, pull hilarious faces, and pose for black-and-white photos in the woods at night would make fantastic bands of wacky hobgoblin/undead/evil mooks in fantasy wargames, fun weird cultists in horror games of any era, fair flunkies for supervillains, hilarious zombie survivors, rather conservative-looking post-apocalyptic-wasteland raiders, not-Reavers for not-Firefly and not-Martian Zombies from not-Ghosts of Mars, a standard-issue audience for the Chronoscope punk band...  I mean, what couldn't one do with a small horde of crazy-looking long-haired weirdos in studded leather armor waving random-looking weird weapons around?


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Added examples....
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1  Dinosaur Knights of different types, not just human knights on an Allosaurus,

2 some goblins riding a pteranadon with a small bow and pouches of arrows,

3  some Dwarves riding an armored Triceratops with a Huge turreted crossbow,

4  Elves riding feathered velociraptors with lances forward and feathered cloaks and armbands,

5  A skeletal Tyrannosaurus ridden by a Lich in a high backed chair, 

6. A brachiosaurus with a small wooden house and a bunch of hobbits with slings on it and a small staircase on its tail,

7. Orcs with axes standing on some small platforms balanced with ropes on both sides of a Stegosauriod with some reins leading to each side and the head and neck protected with an orcish helmet,

8.  A Lizard man with small attack raptors attached to leashes, 

9. Giants riding Dinosaurs like they were horses

10. Mermen buckled to a Mosasaur with some armored plates at various points of its body,

11. Horned Monster men on a small stake fort built on the back of an anklyosauriod

12. Kobolds Riding a Pachycephalosaurus armed with hooks, and hammers to follow up on its ramming attacks. 

13. Mounted figures of all types, Humans on Horses, and camels

14. Elves on big cats,

15. Dwarves on Bears and Mountian goats,

16. Halflings on Warthogs and Dogs,

17. A fairy riding a cat maybe,

18. More people riding Giant figs like kyra and Lavarath, like Hrolfgad Loftsaddle the Dwarf Griffon rider,

19. Following the success of the awesome Giantesses More Awesome Fighting Females that actually look like they can take the fight to their opponents, and of all races Dwarven women that look badass without cleavage windows, elven women that have huge shields, and swords about to carve some holes into something huge, Ogre women in heavy armor and a Hammer the size of a volkswagon.  Fighting females.  Not posing pretties.

20. Eagle riders maybe in an attack pose with talons outstretched and a lance with the rider,

21. a NotSandworm rider

22. Wyvern riders,

23. People riding Giant insects like beetles and Bee's

24. A Giant Tarantula or Scorpion Battlewagon unit with several figs on it and maybe a catapult or Ballista Maybe even a Roman Scorpion ;) 

25. Goblins in crazy little carts while wearing goggles

26. Orcs on Sabre toothed cats and Wargs

27. Valkyries on Winged Horses,

28. Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs and Elves in respective magic powered armor, Dwarves In metal plated walkers, goblins in unweildly wooden Seige Towers covered in spikes, Orcs in Dragon Scale Plated Bone armor, Elves in Evil Tree armor.

29. Mermen riding Dolphins with Harpoons out like lances,

30. Seige weapons of all typesPeople wearing Barbaric animal skins with the head as a hat to denote their tribes, Wolf Tribe, Bear Tribe, Anubis .. I mean Jackal Tribe, Eagle Tribe.

31. Raptor Riders

32. War Elephants

33. War Mammoths

34. People wearing Barbaric animal skins with the head as a hat to denote their tribes, Wolf Tribe, Bear Tribe, Anubis .. I mean Jackal Tribe, Eagle Tribe.

35. Rhino Riders

36. Giant Sea Horse riders

37. Unicorns and Pegasus

38. Mermaids and Selkies

39. Shark Riders

40. Various Gods of Ancient Pantheons Zeus, Hephaestus, Thor, Odin, Hel, Hulk (How did he slip in there?), Shiva, Brahma, Durga, Ganesh, Anubis, Set, Osirus, Thoth, Ra, Hou-Yi, Menshen, Guan-Yu, Sun-Wukong...  Ok I need to stop.

41. Other cultures Dragons, Japanese, Chinese and, South American (Feathered Serpent)

42. Seige weapons of all types

43. Wing mods for figures.

44. Steam punk stuff!!!!

45. Adjustable saddles and figures to place on them as an easy add on for previous large figures.

46. Weapons on turrets mountable to large figures


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One from me -


Chronoscope - Santa and his sleigh


A right jolly old elf, his sleigh, and eight (nine?) tiny reindeer.

Let us be honest - this is a diorama waiting to happen. ::):


One from Megan - though I think I posted something similar, years ago -


Fantasy - Swan boat

A winged single masted sailing vessel with a swan's head, neck, and wings, suitable for elves, Valkyries, and fat ladies in horned helmets. Possibly crewed by Werner Klocke elves.


The Auld Grump

On 9/18/2017 at 7:20 PM, Chaoswolf said:

It might be cool to get some of the old P-65 figures again...

I very much miss the old P-65 Frost Giants.


The Auld Grump

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