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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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In the new wargame Saga Age of Magic one of the factions can turn any terrain piece into an allied creature/monster. 


This led me to wonder what a 'townhouse golem' or 'cottage golem' would look like...


If such a thing were made it would be good for it to be Shipwreck Golem size rather than Graveyard Golem size. 

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My rug of smothering in the Rise of the Mimics KS thread got me thinking:


Mundane items that also serve dual purpose as creature items, ie rug of smothering, flying objects, etc etc.


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Modular stackable stairs - with either landings every two inches or not to scale so that minis can be placed on the stairs themselves.


Both circular stone and straight wooden with landings and bends.


The Auld Grump - my most used paper models are for stairs.... Fights up and down stairs, with the occasional plummet.... ::P:

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I want more normal animals.


  • Walrus /Seal
  • Farm Animals
  • Cats and Dogs in sleeping/playing/sitting poses
  • Sprue of birds sitting and flying
  • Sprue of small lizards/frogs/turtles/snakes
  • Plain unbridled horses/donkeys
  • Sprue of small rats/mice/weasels/hedgehogs/rabbits
  • Badger / raccoon/ red panda /wombat/ capibara
  • Hippos both full and some waterline models.
  • Giant Otters
  • Eagles/Owls/Hawks
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With the new Bones Black, a good way to sell “tons” of minis would be to do a variety of “rank and file” figures. Most gamers are likely to need lots of zombies, evil henchmen and the likes.


These types of figures can be done for several “period” like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Pulp, etc. Some could even be made so they’ll be in scale with the average historical minis out there.


For example, figures like the Nova troopers from the first KS were helpful as proxy “stormtroopers” but, they suffer from the weaker details of the first bones material... they were a tad too bendy and lacked some details.


Anyhow, I think these types of figures would sell them... giant ants, giant spiders, giant rats and lot of different “dungeon swarms” could sell well too... Maybe from a KS Bones V



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Reaper has all the fantasy RPGs covered in depth in my view and it would be good to see a bit more coverage for skirmish or mass wargames.

It would be brilliant to buy some of the Warlord unit packs but in Bones material, for example. Loads of great models in the back catalogue like the Reptus, Razig, bloodstone gnomes, dwarf females.

More generally though, would be good to see siege engines, beasts (other than dragons) with riders, war beasts with howdahs etc. These would be brilliant in Bones/ Bones black material as so light and easy to construct. 

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I'm sure others have already suggested it, but I'd love a few more non-human town guards and bandits, especially if there were male and female versions for some of them. Reaper already has a few, but it would be nice to have a few of the missing ones. Would be amazing if the guards had somewhat similar armor, regardless of race, kind of like the Anhurians. That isn't essential though. I'm not suggesting we need all of them, but a couple here and there would be wonderful. Seems like most of the recent guards and bandit minis are human. 

 • Catfolk guards & bandits (male and female)

 • Dragonman guards & bandits (male and female)

 • Hellborn (Tiefling) guards & bandits (male and female)

 • Halfling guards (Reaper already has Bones Halfling rogues that make fine bandits)
 • Half-orc town guards & female bandit (Reaper already has a Bones male Half-orc rogue that makes a good bandit)

 • Dwarf female guard (Reaper already has a nice metal male guard for a good price & some Dwarf rogues that make nice bandits) 


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On 5/28/2019 at 5:36 PM, kristof65 said:

It just occurred to me that there is no Bones version of a Pegasus. 


They should make it an Alicorn.  Give it wings AND a horn ... and if you want a plain ol' pegasus, just snip off the horn.  Tada!  :D  (That takes advantage of one of the niceties of Bones.)


One big wish *I* have, though, that I just recently thought of:


SKELETON.  JUST a skeleton.


Yes, yes, I know -- we have skeleton *warriors* aplenty -- and I've picked up and painted and modified quite a few.  The trouble is, sometimes I just want an ordinary, not-animated skeleton to decorate a scene with: remains of an unlucky previous explorer who triggered a trap before the heroes got there (thus serving as a quiet warning to players, "Hey, your rogue should start checking for traps now!") ... or, post-apocalyptic ruins, complete with skeletons stuck in rusted-out cars, etc. ... or base decoration, because nothing says "grim" quite like having a character standing atop a heap of bones.  There are a few suppliers out there who provide PEWTER plain skeletons (in multi-part, even) for just such purposes, and the old, old Games Workshop "Warhammer Fantasy Skeleton Army" was pretty good for this (provided you de-weaponized the skellies), and even now, I may use a skeleton warrior and just snip off the shield, spear, sword, or whatnot, and accept that it's a *not-entirely-complete* skeleton.


However, a plain skeleton, not holding any weapons, not holding a shield, or slinging a scabbard or quiver, would be useful in a number of situations.  It could still be *standing*, so we can treat it as an encounter (an animated skeleton, sans weapons, save for whatever you glue on), so it isn't relegated just to "props," but it would be a bit more useful either for set-dressing, or else for customization (for those times I want a "skeletal miner" or a "skeletal cowboy" or whatnot, so I don't have to *chop off* lots of stuff before I start *adding* things).



Now, if there's a question of, "But what position should the arms/hands be in, to be most useful?"  Wellllll ... let's call it a "bone golem" or a "bone horror" or something, and give the skeleton SIX ARMS, all joined at the shoulder.  Then: want an ordinary skeleton?  Choose which four arms to snip off, and leave the other two.  :D  One hand could be pointing, another grasping, another closed into a fist, etc.  In fact, if you absolutely, positively MUST give the skeleton a weapon for it to be a viable encounter, then stick a sword and shield on one of those "you-can-snip-this-off" arm pairs -- just as long as there's some provision to get an ordinary skeleton out of the mix with a little bit of Bones surgery.


(I mean, that's basically what I do for makeshift "bloat flies" for Fallout-themed games: I pick up the "fly demon," but just snip off those crazy arms/legs that don't look terribly fly-like, so I end up with an ugly big bug, rather than a weird bug-thing-with-arms.  That might leave my fly without ANY legs, but a bit of wire can get the idea across.)


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I'd love to see Pachylox, Elephant Man revived in Bones.  He's one of the P-65 pieces that didn't get converted in Bones 1...perhaps due to lack of popularity at the time.  Elephant Men seem all the rage these days, with several already in Bones and the new D&D version of Ravnica.  They also pop up in Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago.

Image result for reaper miniatures elephant man

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I love the new Duergar in Bones 4, and look forward to collecting a larger number of them, including a few more of the large-size spell effected duergar.  However, I can't help but point out that duergar have TWO inherent spell-like powers, Enlarge and Invisibility.  We have a enlarged duergar, how about an invisible one?  Cast in clear resin, like the line of invisible adventurers, (who conspicuously are missing an invisible dwarf as well, I might add.  If you are going to turn the cleric and the warrior invisible, you know you are going to need to turn the dwarf invisible as well, he's the least stealthy one of the bunch!) an invisible duergar would be of great use to those of us who plan on fielding a force of these great new minis on the tabletop.


In addition, I would second the call for more duergar miniatures as well.  Bald female dueregar would be great, and perhaps some lighter armored duergar, like a dagger-wielding rouge poisoner or a robed duergar mentalist.  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.  Here's hoping.



Bones 2 brought us the Fire Elemental, and Bones 4 brought us the Roc.  Why not combine them and give us a big beautiful Phoenix?  Cast in clear orange resin, a large beast, big as you can make in one piece, the size of a dragon or better would make a great set piece or massive foe.  Rising up from the tabletop with huge, up-swept flaming wings, it's beak open in a defiant cry of rebirth.   I think it would be a thing of beauty.


The new Bandits from Bones 3 are really cool.  I have put together a small force of them to menace my low level characters, and they are very versatile, being useful for a number of different scenarios.  However, all of them are armed with melee weapons.  Bandits are best used from ambush, and ambushes are best done with ranged weapons and missile support.  How about a couple, few bandit crossbowmen or archers?  There is a bandit crossbowman in SKU 02677 but he does not really match the aesthetic of the Bandits that have already been released in Bones.   Most of the other archers and crossbowmen have the visual style of one of the Warlord factions.  I like Mason Thornwarden ( SKU 02918) but he is a popular miniature used by players in my game.  How about some bandit bowmen?  It would really flesh them out as a force.



So many new beasts have been added, and they are great additions to the line and to the tabletop.  Gorgons, manticores, chimeras, rhemoraz, basilisks ...  how about a cockatrice?  I would love to field a hideously ugly plumed serpent monster, painted bright as a red rooster.  I know they are not very big, but, the new Bones grey material has lent exquisite detail to the new gnome and kobold mins.  I would look forward to putting one of these on the tabletop to the groans and hisses of my players.  Thanks for your consideration.


There is a noticeable absence of Merfolk in the Reaper line, doubly so in the Bones.  How about a few Merfolk?  Couple of trident-wielding males, a mermaid or two, perhaps a noblewoman, or spellcaster, maybe somebody sidesaddle on a giant seahorse.  Might be a nice addition.  Add in a selection of aquatic monsters ( I have a werewolf and a wolf, a have a wereboar and a boar, I have a werebear and a bear, I have a wereshark and ... a zombie shark.  Maybe a regular shark?) Sharks, eels, giant set piece sized crab that can snip a ships mast in half with a claw.  All of these would be useful and welcome.

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