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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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Pages of off topic posts removed.


This is a request thread not a conversation thread. If you fond yourself quoting a previous post in this thread, you probably are in conversation mode and ought to rethink what thread you are posting in.


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Top Posters In This Topic

Kobold w/ Dagger

Kobold w/ Sling

Winged Kobold w/ Dagger

Winged Kobold w/ Rock


Hobgoblin w/ Greatsword (Bobby Jackson)


Orc w/ Leather, Greataxe

Orc Priest w/ Mail, Shield, Spear

Orc Chief w/ Mail, Greataxe, Spear

Orog w/ Plate, Greataxe


Updated Regular Chthon or "not-Grick" in Medium

New Alpha Chthon or "not-Grick" in Large



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Medieval European style nobles. Women in hennins, and both cotehardies and houppelandes. 


Han style oriental nobles, along with a palanquin with four bearers. 


Giant mushroom houses. Stump/tree houses. More houses in general. 


I think that covers what was removed in the purge.

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I would love to see casualties, perhaps as an 'add on' (as I'd like to see them in the next Kickstarter), since I suspect not everyone needs corpses.


It's pretty easy to find fantasy-ish humans, I'd love to see dead Bones elves, dwarves, halflings, orcs, goblins ...  Others? 

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Prisoners.  Slaves.  People in chains.  Lots of campaigns and modules have slaves or hostages or people in shackles, and it would be nice to have a few minis to put on the board.  A male and a female, in minimal clothing, with chains and cuffs on their wrist would show up in prisons, torture chambers (which we now have Bones furniture to equip), cells, jails, chain gangs, slave caravans, pirate ships, etc.  Throw in a jailer or slaver with a whip and key chain, and you got a three mini set that make a great bonus level in a Kickstarter.

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I did one of these for Bones (3, I think? maybe 4?) so I will go ahead with my wish list:


- Mounts. Not just armored/ unarmored horses but other exotic type mounts like wolves, bears, tigers and flying ones like owls or eagles. Along with that, I'd either like to see legs molded on for easy conversions or a separate set of rider legs to swap around.

- Adventurers of different body types. Heavyset adventurers, kid adventurers, slight build adventurers, etc. I think it would be fun to have PC minis that look like they got swept up in an adventure rather than training all their life for it.

- Conversion bits. I think the bones black material could do great for a set of heads (I'd love to see a set of heads sculpted like they just got through a battle, with bandages, eye patches). I'd use them for my rank and file models to give them a little bit of different look.

- Weapons. I would like to see more weapon packs, and I think it would be fun to have an anime style weapon pack, where everything is terribly oversized or has some sort of crazy decorations on it.

- Cannons. All shapes and sizes, please!

- A Not-Arthas Lich King mini

- Small scale terrain pieces, almost like objective markers. Small piles of treasure, a stack of crates, piles of food stores. 

- More wagons and carts. A covered wagon, a carriage, along those lines.

- An airship

- A train, so I can make an encounter that is like the Phantom Train from FF6


Looking forward to what's coming with Bones 5!

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With the upcoming Bones V hereby my wishlist.


  • Anubi warriors , standard bearer, musician.
  • Mummy Warriors with halberds and shields.
  • General horses, wolves, boars, raptors, without riders.
  • Riders without mounts from different races.
  • Undead from different races.
  • Civilians from different races.
  • Carts, chariots, cannons, catapults, battering rams, siege towers.
  • Huts and tents
  • Megafauna ( Woolly Rhino, Cave Bears, Dire Stag, Glyptodon)
  • Sharks, Dolphins, Seals, Walrus, Whales etc.
  • Corpses and cadavers
  • Giant Insects, like beetles, wasps, ants etc think the size of the current giant scorpion.
  • Meso American warriors
  • Conquistadores
  • Fantasy Medieval Asian style warriors, samurai, ninja, oni, qualong warriors.
  • Mythological creatures from Asian, Middle Eastern , Meso American and African cultures.
  • More Animals from all sorts, domesticated and wild.
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  • Shardmind Barbarian
  • Shardmind Druid
  • Shardmind Fighter
  • Shardmind Monk
  • Shardmind Psionic
  • Shardmind Ranger
  • Shardmind Rogue
  • Shardmind Sorcerer
  • Shardmind Warlock
  • Shardmind Wizard


A set of crystal golem like, player character sized humanoids as different character classes. (From D&D 4e.)

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Better female representation across classes, and please no more white-beard wizards. There were 6 in the last KS, in addition to the ones already made. That's probably 4 too many. 


But I'll second corpse tokens. There's 2 in pewter from Warlord, and they're expensive to just buy, but Bones is the perfect place for low-price dead folks that can be used for dungeon dressing, game tokens, base decoration, dioramas, etc. We definitely have need of these figures.

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