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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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I was just thinking today that I need more corpses.


A set of 6 would be great to start: humans, elves and dwarfs, male and female of each, in armor or adventuring gear of some kind.


Then a second set of six, same race and gender assortment, in robes/Noble clothes.


And then a set of dead peasants.


And finally a set of small people in gender pairs of adventurer gear, noble clothing, peasant clothing.


In total, 24 corpses.


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  • Bald female minis suited for player characters.

As of right now, there are only two bald female sculpts in the store(that I see): "DEVA, ANGEL" and "THORA, NECROMANCER", neither of which are especially suited for player characters.

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Female goblins both cute and savage or cute savages.

I like the idea of different mounts and riders of different races that can be interchangeable. Wolves, horses, rams, goats, etc - humans, goblins, halflings, elves, gnomes, etc

Definitely terrain: A few more trees like the one from Bones 4, stone walls/fences, ruins

A nothic! Please!!!

Fey creatures and fairies - heck, do a Feywild expansion and I will be in heaven!!! Plants, creatures, Titania, Oberon, The Queen of Air and Darkness, others in the Fey Court. Ok, now I totally NEED an Feywild expansion!

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I'd like to see some conversion head sprues in Bones Black. Regular Bones is still a little soft for such a job, but Black looks like it could handle the job. Sprue of 10 orc faces, sprue of 10 human faces, sprue of 10 elf faces, sprue of 10 skulls, sprue of 10 vampire faces, etc.


I've got a lot of cool models from B1-B4 that I don't really need, but if I could make some of them into things I do need with a quick head swap, that's a good deal for me.



I'd also like more group type packs. Love the groups of say 5 bugbears, or 4 beastmen, or what have you that have come up in previous. The Goblin and Kobold sets from last time were awesome!

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Just putting the previous comments into a list: 

  • Female goblins
  • Modular mounts & riders
  • More terrain
  • Nothic!
  • Feywild creatures (Complete expansion set?)
  • Conversion heads (Male & female of different races)
  • More monster groups, such as Bugbears or Beastmen (like with the Bones IV kobolds & goblins)
  • "We be goblins" heroes & the druid's animal companion, Mitzi
  • Big cat dragon (possibly sabre toothed)
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1. Tsathoggua

2. More Nightgaunts, esp carrying a "tickle" victim

3. Not-Carrion crawlers

4. Gnomes (PCs and NPCs, various classes)

5. Deep Gnomes/Svirfneblin

6. Various sized elementals (small, humanoid-sized) and para-elementals (dust, smoke, steam, magma, etc)

7. Magical weapons sprue (clear Bones material)

8. Modern day zombies

9. Not-Blink dogs (opaque and clear)

10. Traditional faerie monsters like kelpies, redcaps, Jenny Greenteeth, nuckelavee, phookas, Jack-In-Irons, etc.

11. More gnolls/flinds in various poses/levels

12. Demogorgon old-style

13. Great Race of Yith

14. Great Old Ones

15. A giant crawling eyeball

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Death coach. Possibly with headless coachman and skeletal footmen and horses.


Prison coach/cage on wheels.


Nightmare - mounted and unmounted.




Sophie - flying.


Another Dreadmere set. Maybe flesh out some of the factions - and definitely including Meremaids.


For the Chronoscope Bones - a superhero/supervillain set.


The Auld Grump



7 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

Giiaannt SLUUUUG! :wow:


Huge or bigger.


Maybe a few Large giant slugs as well, but a slug big enough to crush a cottage like the old Monster Manual would be primo!

I was going to show Megan a link to the Otherworld giant slug mini - but it has apparently been discontinued.


Giant slugs used to be one of my go to monsters for wilderness adventures.


Now I really want one. ::(:


The Auld Grump - it's after us! Walk!

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I hope we see the giant from the Jack and the Giant boxed set in this go around.


I also wouldn't mind seeing some of the older bones figures re-released in black for better details.


I'm wondering if we'll see more Pathfinder stuff this go around. I know the paint is coming round but with 2nd edition of the rpg around the corner ...


I'm hoping we get some 'generic clerics' this go around, good old heavy armor,  mace, and shield.  I think there were like 2 in the last release. And a rounded mace instead of the popular flanged mace.

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- Astral Dreadnought 

- Linnorns - (Corpse Tearer, Dread) 

- Epic Colossi (ie. basically iron golem, stone golem, etc the size of the Bones 4 'Mossbeard')

- more demonlords (ie. Shaktari - colossal marilith with 8 arms, Juiblex, etc)

- scaladar's (?) the metallic automitons by Trobriand

- other metallic  & gem dragons the size of Argent

- Klurichir

- Ygorl and the other Slaadi lords 

- Sharktopus (ie. Darksun Squark)

Zaratan (island turtle - sadly, this would need to be crazy big for it to be ideal - large enough to have a small village on is back and mountains, etc.. i still want to get  a museum sized sea turtle life like model, and rebuild its entire back)

- Cloud ray (same issue as Zaratan - size)

- large beholder orb (diameter around 4 inches)

- demodragon





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Guess I accidentally put this in the wrong thread earlier-


Had another thought- I don't know how the current hydra minis are carved up, but it would be really cool to have a hydra mini that's actually specifically designed so that heads can be removed in combat and replaced as they grow back. Maybe you could have a basic five headed hydra with five sockets and five individual heads that sort of twist and lock into place, and then you can buy sets of heads, with like, two heads per tab?

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