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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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Dao, Marid, Salamander, Azer
Inevitable or Clockwork Giants
Ice, Light, Magma, Poison, Shadow, Smoke, Storm Elementals (Clear)
Nightmare (Clear), Hippogriff, Pegasus
Bone Naga
Maw Demon, Chain Devil, Bearded Devil, Barbed Devil
Flying and marine dinosaurs, well more dinosaurs
Gem Dragons (Clear)
Drakes, Linnorm, Oriental Dragon, Couatl
Giant Centipede, Ants, Wasps
Beasts and Dire Beasts
Various sizes of Phoenix (Clear)

Giant Gnoll
Giant Lizardfolks, Small Lizardfolks
Shardminds (Clear)
Various sizes of Warforged
Large versions of various humanoids with some customization options
Various Mimics
Plant Monsters
Nightshades, Will O Wisp

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Top Posters In This Topic

Thought I would put all of my spamming requests to Reaper in one post... 


Small shipwreck golems, a bit smaller than human sized and made from flotsam. 

Small flying ship/skiff. 

Dead trees, with or without creepy stuff hanging from them. 

Cool basing bits, so pieces of statues, corpses, loot, signs.


A dire badger. Or, a large sized humanoid badger, armed with claw daggers, ripped armour. He has been cornered. Something you should of course avoid doing. 


Zombie kobolds. And a kobold zombie hunter.


In the new wargame Saga Age of Magic one of the factions can turn any terrain piece into an allied creature/monster. 


This led me to wonder what a 'townhouse golem' or 'cottage golem' would look like..



Would love to see more centaurs, both sexes. Also a Naga/snake demon with four arms, but carrying two siege crossbows not four swords. Also an ogre carrying a siege crossbow or a cannon. 

"The Last Stand", a 'Dragons don't share' style detachable diaroma but with human scale minis and depicting the end of a battle. Could be 'evil' races defending or 'good'. 


A walker/mech but with a fantasy sensibility, so something a dwarf/gnome/goblin would crew. 


This is probably a weird one... 


I would like to see an ogre that has been raised by halflings. So, half a barrel on its head, contented look, eating a cow leg instead of a drum stick. 


Then, one raised by dwarves. So quite well fitting armour, scary looking axe, but a bandage/bump as he keeps hitting his head. 


Finally, one raised by elves. Arrogant far away look, pony tail, bow like a child's toy and sword like a dagger, smart robes and armour, but his toes and gut are poking out. 


All possibly inspired by the films des Steve Martin.. 



Am liking the bloodstone gnomes in Bones 4. It would be good to see more of the Warlord metal gnomes released in Bones or Bones black. Also, the warlord lupins or werewolves look cool and would be brilliant in Bones black. 

A shipwrecked party. So the typical adventurers but they have had to improvise half their equipment from driftwood or desert island items. 


Captive/chained/tied up figures of both genders that don't look like creepy/like they are in a specialist independent film. Modern/Chronoscope and fantasy (ahem). 


Prisoner breakout. So in broken chains and laying people out with their picks or spades.


Winter cthulu or winter Victorian Sci fi would be good. Men and women, wrapped up, guns/lanterns/pointing in fear. Think frostgrave with bolt action rifles. 


**Halfling militia a mix of males and females with makeshift weapons but also proper weapons 


**Half orc mercs or bandits Inc crossbow wielders. Not evil looking. 


**Retired/older adventurers that have picked up their sword/ dagger/ bow one last time

**Well wrapped up soldiers including females, perhaps fearing a frosty grave

**Conquistadors Inc females and governors daughter types

**Kobold archers slingers and engineers/trappers

**Ghouls Inc a ghoul king 

**Skinny 'deep ones' or under dressed aquatic zombies that like drowning people

**Soldiers from various tribes that might be part of an undiscovered advanced sub Saharan nation Inc bald females and large men in fur and leather armour

**A colonel mustard type for Chronoscope, trying to make sure that equivalents of all the Cluedo characters are available 

**Cat burglars  

**More terrain and dressing so market stalls, forges, weapons stacks, target dummies, beds, monster bedding, notice boards etc 

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We need aboleths. The only good aboleths mini was by that mini company that folded due to bad management etc. Forgot name, but it was run by Mick.  Paid for it and never got it :(


Also a thesselhydra would be cool



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The Nefsokar Range from Warlord, there are already a few of them but I want more!

Not just the mummies and the avatars, also Khamsin, the Cavalry and the different grunts and champions.


I would love an Egyptian style expansion with a chariot, some terrain and more mummies, skellies, anubi and such.

And some Horus warriors and maybe some animals, like jackals, cheetahs, baboons, cobras etc.

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My dream themed Expansion list for Bones 5:


1) Steampunk: Vehicles, Characters, Martians, Venusians, and a smattering of period historical ladies and gentlemen


2) A General Flyers, Floaters, and Fighting Vehicles Assortment.  Suitable for Fantasy, Pulp, and assorted Sci Fi settings.


3) Fantasy Army Sampler:   An assortment of 10 or so matched fighting troops, leader, standard bearer and musician for a range of Fantasy races (other than the common orc, kobold, and goblin).


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I would also love to see the Statues and treasures in Bones.

The metal versions are often too expensive to buy more than one, but in Bones I would buy multiples.


Please create Bones versions of these ones.


Egyptian Statue - Horus

Sobek Statue

Egyptian Cat Statue

Egyptian Jackal Statue

Egyptian Statue Bast

Egyptian Statue Anubis


Ammat Devourers

Egyptian Treasure ( both small and large)

Urn of Ashes


Nefoskar Weapons

Ammat Nefsokar Champion

Mummy King on Throne


Necropolis Weapons

Skeletal Archers Unit


I will repeat my wish for a generic Chariot, a culverin, a battering ram, a siege tower.


More animals preferably several poses ( walking, running, pouncing/attacking/sitting)












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A giant sized mantis shrimp, because they're not terrifying enough when small. :lol:


A greater assortment of celestials, including guardinals. We have tons of demons and devils, we need a wider assortment of angel types to fight them, including more large and giant sized ones. 


Hatshepsut, both as a living person and a mummy. 

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Some sort of steampunk mischevious otters/ferrets/weasels, either looking up to no good, or actively pulling levers on a machine that looks like it sprobsbly going to light up on fire soon... 


Yes, inspired by the term "brain weasels" 


... Or even just a weasel/otter/ferret dancing on an actual brain. 

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