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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4

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I love the themes sets as well. for upcoming expansions I'd like to see...


western set as in wild west set. lots of mounted indians and calvery figures

sci fi set as in a platoon of troops with vehicals

modern pulp as in cops vs gangbangers bikers or hooded thugs and various modern scater terrain

super hero set with minions and wierd scince stuff

fantasy village. with more npcs and a buliding or two. baba yaga house was so cool please make more


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I have a request from my gaming group. I'm sure these minis been asked for before but I'll ask again.


Farm animals.

Animals that look like farm animals.

Terrain-type animals that can be hanging about on terrain.On objective markers. On a custom made base for Khanjira as the kaiju stomps through an unsuspecting sheep herd.

Animals that aren't battle pets or sized weird or armored for battle.


Just... animals.

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Shield Guardian.  Arcane Golem.  Some manner (or manners) of Ogre sized mana-punk, mystical construct that might accompany a wizard around as a bodyguard / muscle.  Small enough to fit through inn doorways, but large enough to manhandle an owlbear if needs be.

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I'd like to see some more "small units" of all genres.   That is, take existing popular models, and do 3-5 variants of them, so they can be used as small units of troops. 

There are some great models in the line already who's outfits and gear imply they're part of a larger organization, it would be nice to see other models outfitted to match. 

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To repost what's currently being discussed in the Bones 5 Enthusiasm thread:


Finely dressed courtly figures.


Also, a set with about a half dozen medieval court dancing couples, seated royal musicians, footmen etc. throw in a buffet table with a big sculpted sailing ship in the center and it would be perfect.  


Added points for making it a costume ball! 


Basically, the costume ball scene from “Ever After”

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