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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4

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Things I'm hoping we see:

More hobgoblins

Buglips (urban legends Buglips?)

Corgi in a space suit (anthro-corgi?)

Middle aged and older female wizards

Hobgoblin mummy & Cat people (thunder kitties, Ho!)

Book golem

Lasagna golem

Book golem

Treasure golem

Pirate ship

Space ship/shuttle

Dude in a life jacket/puffy vest on a floating skateboard


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I second Bones Black Busts !

My choices would be

  • Sophie
  • Nefsokhar Mummy Lord or Queen
  • Vampire Male/Female
  • Rogue preferably someone like Lola the Overlords Hero.
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I'd love a Bones Black bust of an Anubian Jackal, the Nefsoak Devourer of Ammat, and maybe even a mummy or a lich bust too... 

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Someone in a chair.


Not a throne, a chair. Boring chair. I'm running a campaign and I have no mini for the NPC confined to the steampunk wheelchair. I know steampunk wheelchair is a bit much to ask for but I'd be able to convert a boring chair easily.


Although... a steampunk wheelchair would fit into many fantasy, steampunk, low sci fi, low fantasy, or funky modern setting.

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How about a line of Mephits?  Or, if mephit is a restricted term, microelementals?  Meta-elementals?  Familiar to goblin sized meta-elementals cast in a variety of translucent bonesium colors.  Clear for steam.  Blue for ice and water.  Black for smoke.  Orange for fire.  You get the idea.  Not only would they be great little monsters, but they would be good for elemental familiars as well.

Speaking of translucent bonesium, how about casting some angels in clear, or yellow or light blue translucent bonesium?  This would allow us to have angels with wings or blades made of "light."

Image result for diablo 3 angels


And well, wings of fire or a sword of pure radiance would be pretty slick.

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Now that it's a week out I'm going to start bothering you good people with my wishlist(s)...


From existing:


Prince Denethorr 02347

All of the zombie hunters and survivors from Chronoscope

All the unbonesed zombies

Mike Noe 50047




Skeletons with modern weapons and gear

A goblin marching band

Monkeys and apes of all kinds


A giant sized Cerebus


Opulently dressed clergy of all types

Sci fi and modern looking drones


That's all I've got for now. But I'm sure I'll have more before this launches. 

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