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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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Here's a little wishlist.


  • Bi-plane or something resembling a Westland Lysander or Albatross ( WWI plane)
  • Sumerian Terrain and Statues
  • Medium/big statues of fantasy gods/demons etc.
  • Scatter terrain for modern/ steampunk/scifi like discarded equipment, cans and bottles, furniture, carbage etc.
  • Dinghy /inflatable boat, canoe, kayak.
  • Polar bear, walrus, seal, whale shark, sperm whale, orca
  • Inuit hunters
  • Oldtimer motorcycle like 1920's/ 1930's models.
  • Conquistadores
  • Meso-Americans
  • Market Stalls and wares
  • Dogs, cats, chicken, geese, swan, cow, pig, goat etc, pets and farm animals.
  • Haystacks
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I hit the Like button on a buch of earlier comments, but I just want to give a +1 here to some of the recent ideas in this thread that I whole-heartedly endorse:


  • Sets of various historical/cultural troops in multiple poses... Conquistadores, Meso-Americans, Inuit hunters, Japanese spearmen/ashigaru, Colonial British troops, etc.
  • Loads of Terrain that is not Fantasy Specific, market stalls and wares, campsite, tents, cooking spit, wagon, scatter terrain for modern/steampunk/scifi
  • Outdoor decor for themed settings such as Forests, Ruins, Jungle, Snow, Egyptian, Gothic buildings, Tower, Lighthouse city buildings, village cottages and ruined versions of them


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Chickens, in at least 3 different poses.

Geese, also 3 poses, one an attack pose.

Ducks, the kind you have on the farm, 3 poses.

Sheep and a ram. And a sheep dog.

Cows. Have Andy sculpt a bull and a calf to go with the cow he already made.

Pigs, a couple more poses, and piglets.

Draft horse. No barding.

A farm girl, teenaged, wearing wooden clogs, in a feeding the chickens pose.

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A set of individual stirges on posts



Elf druid with dragon head helm/headpiece and gnarly quarterstaff

Wizard that looks like Doctor Strange

Catfolk rogue that looks panther-like (instead of like a long-hair cat) dual wielding shortswords wearing leather armor

Female elf paladin in heavy plate armor with 2-handed great sword and flowing long hair

Dark elf male duelist with leather armor, rapier and bandolier of daggers

Female triton bard wielding longsword with mandolin on back

Male shirtless triton barbarian wielding warhammer 2-handed

Male triton paladin in plate armor made of big shells with trident and net

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Some additional wishlisting:


-Tavern scene (patrons standing, sitting, and stumbling drunk, including off-duty adventurers)


-Additional prehistoric mammals (glyptodonts, wooly rhinos, an even larger ground sloth, andrewsarchus, etc.)


-Pixies of all sorts, including some riding appropriately sized mounts, like raccoons and house cats.


-A mermaid with an octopus lower half, like Ursula.


-Heroic goblins instead of common monster types.


-Anything Mesoamerican.


-Bards with instruments other that lutes or flutes (hurdy gurdy, kazoo, anything).

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I'd love to see some small(ish) and *unrealistic* animals - like some of the stuff Dark Sword did for the Larry Elmore collection - weird little snoobits and Horpels and stuff that might show up in the background of a Seuss book, or more realistic "didn't exist, but could" creatures that look like they're part of a biosphere... just not a Terran one.


They could be used as alien creatures, creatures in a Elmoresque "this is obviously fantasyland, and they don't have cows and pigs and sheep, they have snorlaxes and flebars and pohbrings", or dream sequence critters, and stuff.


And, outside of Dark Sword (Elmore, Diterlizzi, and Law's critters), and Mike Thorp's Twilight, there's not a lot of folks making that sort of thing right now - and all of them are working in metal, not plastics (so herds of forblips get prohibitively expensive...)

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