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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4


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1 hour ago, Corsair said:

I like the idea of floor tiles, but original Bones might be cheaper. As we would need a lot of them, whichever one is cheaper would be better.

I agree cheaper would be better since you would be buying a lot of them. My only concern w original bones is the warping of the material.

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I'd really love to see a real proper Nothic someday. For some of the more popular 5e campaigns they are used, but no models exist out there that are in any way easily obtained.

Those who can build them through other means (Gargoyles or Ghouls with green stuff), but not everyone has that luxury who would love to present a mini.


So, my pick would be a Nothic :) 

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If, for legal reasons, a Nothic isn't do-able, it occurs to me that the Warhammer universe's Fimir is similar in basic description - a twisted humanoid cyclops toad-thing with big teeth and claws - and similarly uncommon in mini form...  I'm thinking a Bones "Not-thic" that is generic enough to fill both under-served niches, but original enough to stand on its own as an original creation, would be useful to a wider variety of gamers.


These loathsome toad-shaped monsters also suggest to me a couple of uncommon Mythos Monsters from Lovecraft's "Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath", which haven't yet appeared in Bones:

  • Moon-Things:  "...[the Moon-Things] were not men at all, or even approximately men, but great greyish-white slippery things which could expand and contract at will, and whose principal shape - though it often changed - was that of a sort of toad without any eyes, but with a curiously vibrating mass of short pink tentacles on the end of its blunt, vague snout..."  (these appear in some RPGs as "Moon Beasts")
  • Satyrs of Leng:  Lovecraft's version of the Satyrs and Fauns of classical mythology; these Satyrs act as the servants of the Moon-Things by disguising themselves as humans by dressing in loose robes, weird short shoes to cover their hooves, and turbans wrapped around their goat-like horns (these appear in some RPGs as "Men of Leng").  "...The [Satyrs of Leng] leaped as though they had hooves instead of feet, and seemed to wear a sort of wig or headpiece with small horns. Of other clothing they had none, but most of them were quite furry. Behind they had dwarfish tails, and when they glanced upward he saw the excessive width of their mouths...."


If the Bones pirate ship is a big enough hit, maybe try out a Bones Black Galley for these Mythos Monsters to row and sail from strange, dark ports, to the moon, and back?


An alternative crew of Bones Astral Reavers (not-Githyanki) for the Black Galley might be appreciated by fantasy gamers....




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3 hours ago, onthebus36 said:

I'm running Village of Hommlet in my 1E group and I'm using a crappy little red lobster I got in a shop at the beach. I need Reaper to help me upgrade my crustacean game! 



Otherworld Miniatures has one in metal, but that's expensive.

I'd rather see a bunch of smaller ones and one big one in Bones.

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Seems like, in an emergency, the Oxidation Beast (77032) might serve for a giant lobster-thing, but a dedicated dire crawdad wouldn't be unwelcome... seems like it would fit the whole Dreadmere setting, too. 


There really are giant crayfish in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, New Guinea, etc., and now that I'm thinking of it, I could definitely get on board with some monsters inspired by that part of the world:

  • Dire Crayfish
  • Dire Crickets
  • Killeroos
  • Marsupial Lions
  • Diprotodon
  • Bunyips
  • Drop-Bears (they're like koala bears, except they have razor-sharp teeth, eat people, and they jump out of trees onto your head!)
  • Yara-ma-yha-who (a humanoid creature something like a large, red-skinned frog-man, with suckers on his fingers, and a habit of jumping out of trees onto victims and drinking their blood)
  • Dire Horseshoe Crabs
  • Lovecraft's "horrible elder race of half-polypous, utterly alien entities which had come through space from immeasurably distant universes" which had been banished into subterranean vaults in the earth beneath Australia, and sealed away by the Elder Race of Yith
  • Lovecraft's Great Race of Yith ("immense rugose cones ten feet high, and with head and other organs attached to foot-thick, distensible limbs spreading from the apexes...")




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Here are my biggest desires to see in future Bones Kickstarters, in no particular order.


1. Hecklemeyer. (Reaper 25th anniversary sculpt, SKU: 02106)

2. A Large-sized Celtic/Norse Thor-looking warrior guy that could stand in as Thor, or Greyhawk's Kord, or a 2e/3e Firbolg, or a Norse-type PC under the effects of an Enlarge spell.  NO HORNS on the helmet.

3. A Medium-sized (aka, Human) version of the Celtic/Norse Thor-looking warrior, so that you have a typical adventurer, and the Enlarged version.

4. Incorporeal animals: Clear translucent animal sculpts that can be used as Spirit Animals, or ghosts, or invisible animals.

5. Wingless drakes (wingless dragons).

6. Characters wearing masquerade masks, especially female Spellcaster types (stand-ins for Hathran of Rashemen), in wizardly robes or Druidic or priestly attire.

7. Muscular half-giant men & women (could be used as D&D Goliath if one wanted to paint them that way).

8. Bigger Wolf-Demon (SKU: 77307)/Glabrezu (Huge size, comparable to the Pathfinder Treachery Demon). The current offering is way too small.

9. Mimic pairs, with a plain item, and a duplicate sculpt revealing it to be a mimic. A plain barrel & a barrel with a gaping maw of teeth, etc.

10. Nightmare: A flaming horse done in smokey translucent plastic, or translucent orange.

11. Will-O'-Wisp in clear translucent plastic.

12. Redcaps with massive weapons (see the Dreamblade Bloodthirsty Redcap). Maybe 3 on a sprue, like the goblins are made?

13. Small & Large Spriggan sculpts that look like evil gnomes (not bald sprites, like the Pathfinder ones...)

14. Large-sized Master of the Hunt w/ a headpiece mask with stag horns, and wielding a longbow.

15. A Norse/Viking-themed expansion.

16. An Egyptian-themed expansion.

17. A not-Blood War expansion, with demons, devils, and daemons.  Ranks of units, with a few mook demons (dretches), a sergeant or two of higher ranking demons, and a warlord demon (Balrog, etc).  Do similar ranks of units for devils and daemons as well.


A few additional thoughts on the above:

2 & 3. Similar concept to the Dark Dwarf Smiter from the Bones 4 Fan Favorites, with the regular and Enlarged figures.  But it also fills a lot of other needs, as 2e Firbolgs, Norse-ish deity avatars, etc.  Preferably no horned helmets...

7. Still "Medium" for D&D (1" base), but on the larger side, maybe 32mm scale (or bigger?). Bald men, women with dreadlocks.

8. I love the current bones sculpt, but it is puny next to the prepainted lines of Glabrezu, and doesn't pull off looking Huge, but rather only Large.

9. A bed to match the Bones 4 Bed Mimic would be a great place to start.

12. Goblin-sized in stature, but with big, human-sized two-handed weapons (scythes, great axes, etc.)

15 & 16. The Greek Expansion was really well received in Bones 5, and I really think these two would be as well.

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