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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #4

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An elder brain

A few more troglodyte sculpts

People mounted on cool stuff/fantastical creatures with a saddle we can mod with a rider ourselves


A stereotypical "old crone" witch (I know we're getting Baba Yaga, but having a hag who is just standing would be good too)

A set of tiefling and dragonborn adventurers similar to the elf set coming in Bones 4

More hobgoblins (a ninja would be neat) 

Hairstyle diversity (undercuts, bobs, shaved sides, mohawks, etc).. maybe this isn't very feasible, I dunno. 

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A full on "Middle East" expansion (as per Dreadmere and the like). With all kinds of monsters from Arabian and Persian mythology and a good range of human figures. There's so much more then just belly

Horse + travel vehicles pulled by horses. Carts, carriages, wagons, etc. 

I love the new Duergar in Bones 4, and look forward to collecting a larger number of them, including a few more of the large-size spell effected duergar.  However, I can't help but point out that duer

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5 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

A big foot, with a hollow bottom, so it can be dropped onto the adventurers to the Monty Python theme. ::P:

A Sasquatch would be great!


I don't think I'd want it with a hollow bottom though, and certainly wouldn't want it to sit on the Monty Python troop . . . ::D: 

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-Efreeti Warrior Male and Female

-Efreeti Shah/Emir/Pasha or whatever,

-An Efreeti jailor. 

-An Efreeti scene of some type maybe 

-An Ancient Green Dragon front facing. 

-Evil Cloud Giants in the new scale.  King, Queen Sorceress, Fighters...


How can I run a respectable campaign on the Plane of Elemental Fire without Efreeti?  Love my Blight Fang but he seems kinda small and not crazy about the way he faces.


-A Red Dragon with a Githyanki Lich Queen Rider and Queen standalone figure ready for battle.

-A Dragonlich with a Lich Rider and Standalone Lich figure ready for battle.


I know HUGE asks...but get Julie working on these and I am willing to bet she could freaking make something AMAZING!!!


-Thai/Asian version of the Monkey King, AKA Vanara

-Vanara Classes/Warriors

-Asian Armed and Armored Demons


-New King Cobra in attack mode.

Would like to be able to have a "statue" King Cobra from Bones 4 and an attack King Cobra for when it comes to life.  I know probably a big ask.



-More Mind Flayers


I posted some of this elsewhere as my ideas came to me over time.  Thought I would aggregate them in one post.  Sorry for the mess.

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SLEEPING dragon versions of existing dragon Bones miniatures.


I just picked up the Vast boardgame, and noticed that I don't have any sleeping Bones dragons. Then I noticed that all the sleeping dragons are on Etsy, and not offered by miniature companies. Given how often a thief ends up at a sleeping dragon's horde, I'd like to see some sleeping versions of dragon Bones miniatures. 


I'd like to see Reaper partner with various boardgames that could use miniatures (eg. Gloomhaven) and make miniatures for these popular games. Reaper could even make plastic game accessories for various games. (Hint: Paint the various bases you got in your Bones different colors and use stick tack to use them as colored discs for miniatures, to indicate conditions or player ownership.)

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Translucent plastic versions of the High Rollers dice characters from Bones 4.


I think it would make for a cool painting project to paint the arms, legs, and facial features in solid colours while leaving their dice bodies translucent.

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

I humbly repeat ...


Conquistadores ( Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery)


Meso -American Warriors

Feathered Serpent

Meso-American style terrain ( Statues, walls, pyraminds)

Pirate Ship

definitely a pirate ship would be awesome

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