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Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

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On 7/6/2019 at 12:36 PM, Doug Sundseth said:

Old Glory also has a bunch of superhero game miniatures in their SuperFigs line. ISTR that Lance & Laser had a superhero miniatures line at one point as well, but that's been quite a while.

Yeah, but the Superfigs line is generally rather... amateurish compared to the typical Reaper miniature.  Likewise the L&L figures are all rather dated at this point.  

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On 7/8/2019 at 3:02 PM, Dr. Propaganda said:

I would like to see the IMEF expand as well.  There are a decent number of troops, and a good selection of special and squad weapons, with the flamer and the heavy rotary cannon.  How about some missile launchers or grenade launchers?  There is a medic, how about a comms trooper?  How about a hand scanner, ala the Colonial Marines from Aliens?  The Bulldog is awesome, and I am dying for it to be released in Bones.  How about some arm or weapon options for the Bulldog?  The autocannon is nice, but a rotary gun, a laser, a missile pod?  And some female troopers would be a good addition.  The sniper is great, but having some front line gals to bulk up the numbers would be great, especially if they had some special weapons options.  How about some stationary guns and teams?  A machine gun nest, a mortar crew, both would be good for building battlefield encounters.  And, should all my other wishes come true, throw in a cameraman (or drone) and a press attache, like from Starship Troopers.  Got to keep that morale up!  Let the folks back home know that the fight against the Kulathi menace is going well!


I was saying something in Bones Kickstarter comments somewhere about imagining a Bones Chronoscope NovaCorp-themed expansion being a win, using a loose combination of Star Wars stormtroopers and "Aliens" Colonial Marines as a foundation for the set:

  • Several of the figures in a variety of poses.
    • + some NovaCorp comms, command, heavy weapons, and specialist characters as mentioned by Dr. Propaganda, above...
    • + one or two characters in power armor.
  • Some appropriate "not-Droids" and drones to serve as support.
  • A couple not-Sentry Guns, Some ammo boxes, comms gear, and other light scatter-terrain...
  • A vehicle of some sort... it wouldn't take much (see the Chronoscope flying saucer for comparison), maybe the cyberpunk equivalent of a jeep ...
  • A sprue of NovaCorp-style sci-fi weapons and gear....


With that, you'd basically have a themed set of standard-issue cyberpunk-style soldiers or security for use as generic corporate or imperial security, space marines, etc.  As usual for NovaCorp guys, the figures are rather versatile:  just something as simple as a little paint can instantly convert them into a variety of uses:  white-and-black paint gives you a team of not-Stormtroopers, metallic paint for not-Cylons, blue for not-C.O.B.R.A., olive drab for not-Starship Troopers or not-Colonial Marines, etc.


Sell them as pre-packaged sets for retail, and I can't help thinking there would be an audience for them.


Do the same with the IMEF guys (who make excellent not-Rebel Alliance, not-G.I. Joe, etc.), the "Cyber-Reavers" (with grunts, drones, hunter-killers tanks, etc.), and a good, versatile alien faction or two (reptilian aliens, these guys, not-Romulans/Klingons, not-Daleks?) for some villains or other opposing factions (the Bathalians and greys/overloards already seem to be just about well-represented enough to fill sets of their own, just add scenic bits, vehicles, etc....)


Add maybe a quick-and-dirty book of wargame rules (even if it's just a free PDF of "fluff" background details that can be plugged into a more robust rule set made by someone else - e.g. D20, BRP, etc., it's a nice touch for giving these guys an optional SciFi setting for players to game in.)




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On 11/21/2019 at 2:17 PM, Melbourne Mew Mew said:

Pro Wrestlers (male and female)

I'll never say no to more luchadores like El Diablo! A number of the superheroes / villains would make good gimmicky wrasslers, though--Firefox, Incredible Woman, Blood Widow, and Crosswire particularly. Some of the characters tagged "monk" might also work, as might the "Lab Mutant."

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23 hours ago, Rigel said:

I'll never say no to more luchadores like El Diablo! A number of the superheroes / villains would make good gimmicky wrasslers, though--Firefox, Incredible Woman, Blood Widow, and Crosswire particularly. Some of the characters tagged "monk" might also work, as might the "Lab Mutant."

And vice versa. Wrestlers could work as super hero’s too.

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If we're putting in requests for vehicles, I want an ice cream truck that has machine guns and rocket launchers.. 


Or a school bus with the same thing. 


For those that don't get it, the first is a Twisted Metal reference, while the second is a Vigilante 8 reference - both of them being effectively blow em up, shoot em up type games with silly characters...  From back in the Playstation Era.  That's right, the original Playstation.


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