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Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4


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Seconding some much older comments:  would love to see more options and / or poses for the IMEF Bulldog.  Just got my first one and I'm painting it now...getting all kinds of ideas for a space RPG, but want to be able to mix up the loadouts.  Thinking I'd really like to see: 

  1. Right-arm power-fist (to match the available left arm)
  2. Right-arm flamer (to match the available left arm)
  3. Left-arm canon (to match the available right arm)
  4. Left-arm shield (a big hefty robo-pavise) 
  5. Missile launchers -arms or back-mounted
  6. Gun variety - current gun looks auto-canon ish...maybe a mini-gun, a laser, etc. etc. etc. 
  7. Back-mounted jump pack

Enamored with the possibilities for this model.  Looking to cannibalize my ridiculously overhuge CAV collection for modifications. Already ordering a few more to go with my collection of NOVA & IMEF figures.  "What will I use these for even?" I can hear my girlfriend ask...I don't know, I just feel like I should have a few squads! 

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On 3/2/2020 at 6:52 PM, Corsair said:

it would be nice to see Reaper doing some Starfinder minis like they do Pathfinder.

I think that might be a contract issue, but I'm always here for spacefuture minis. ESPECIALLY Space Rats. And I guarantee if you make an undead astronaut it will sell. 

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Mutant humans, anthro mutants, and robots suitable for Gamma World.

Multi-mini shapeshifter packs: human form, hybrid form, and animal form.

Marduuk fauna: Dogzard, Patty the Flar-ta, civan, vampire moths, killerpillars, damnbeasts, capetoads, atul-grak, etc.

The Basik's Own.

Alaspinian mini-dragon

Vash the Stampede

Hellsing characters: Alucard, Seras, Integra and the rest.


Four mystery solving teenagers, their dog, and their van.

Prairiecats, Shaggy-bull

Chronoscope Peter Pan, Tink, Wendy, Lost Boys, Hook, Mermaids, Pirates, Indians

Jolly Jack's battle bunnies

Sphinxian treecat, Sphinxian Hexapuma

Posleen, I mean dinotaurs

Chtorr, I mean giant  Eupithecia



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Just had this thought today.  A collaboration between Bobby Jackson and @TaleSpinner for a set of 3-5 mounted sci-fi warriors, in the vein of 40k's rough riders or Star Wars stormtroopers on Dewbacks. 

Let Talespinner's imagination loose to give us a cool alien beast of burden that is ridden by some futuristic soldiers done by Mr Jackson. 

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