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Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

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Victorian Melodrama Villain Rick Rasterdly, the bastardly dastard. With a choice of hands - bomb, gun, knife, or, most villainous of all, a piece of paper suitable for a deed, mortgage agreement, or last will and testament.


As is often the case, Rick, when off stage, is a very nice person, and donates 10% of his pay to charitable organizations. Few realize that the same actor also plays Rick R. Mortis, comedic undertaker - even though the only difference in their costumes is the handlebar mustache that Rick wears in his villainous roles.


The Auld Grump - costarring Duncan Doolittle as a Canadian Mounted Police sergeant, and Gwen Stanwick as the romantic interest.

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If we get a female driver I will paint her outfit in red blue and gold, put her on a flight base, and she will be Wonder Woman in the Invisible Jet. :)

To add to the IMEF idea, if some lady troopers get made, please make 'em look like the same unit. The current lady sniper doesn't have the same uniform/armor as the rest of the squad.

Goblins in modern clothing. The would make an excellent gang.

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On 11/8/2017 at 1:20 AM, Cyradis said:

A beret-wearing scientist with a strange resemblance to a walrus. 


Don't forget his affable sidekick with a goatee! They can be sold as a duo called "Fact Checkers."


I'd like to see some more Blackstar Corsairs in firing positions. Shouldered rifle, shouldered rifle while kneeling, that sort of thing. Like they're actually in combat. Some more weapon options would be nice as well.

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I would like to see some damaged modern terrain.

You know walls where a supervillain crashed through, a wrecked car were the Hulk ( or a similar brute) had landed on after his last jump.

Bent lanternpoles, crushed pavement.



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On ‎15‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 10:09 PM, Jordan Peacock said:


I can envision some wicked-cool things that could be done with a robot dragonfly, with some Art Nouveau stylistic touches.  Now I wonder if there's some piece of pewter jewelry out there I could find and "steampunk-ize" for such a purpose.  (Every now and then I peek into the jewelry display at my local thrift store JUST IN CASE there's something that could double for a miniature, or a decorative element, but I haven't yet lucked out in that regard.)


The closest I've found to something like that would be Mage Knight Lancers "Dragonfly Mount" models (e.g., #134).  It looks a bit clunky, not quite as elegant as I would imagine a robotic dragonfly COULD be.  Still, I've got one that I've been toying with kitbashing for a future steampunk or Deadlands game.



These, and a collection of robot spiders, beetles and ants, ranging from quite sneaky and small to intimidatingly big!

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I recommend Fighting Jack Churchill for a miniature. He was an officer in the British army during WW2.  He was armed with a longbow, broadsword, bayonet and small arms. He fairly bristled with weaponry. There were two knives and an unusual looking revolver on his belt. There were grenades on his belt, too. His small pack hid water, a little food, and a very comprehensive first aid kit. Ammunition in pouches was strapped under the pack, the quiver of arrows for the bow was strapped securely to the side. ( This description is from War History Online. The link: https://m.warhistoryonline.com/history/mad-jack-churchill-kill-enemy-longbow.html )

He lived to be 89. His story is so amazing it is hard to believe. 

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Jack Churchill (No relation to WSC) also went ashore during Operation "Archery", (The commando raid on the Lofoten Islands in December 1941), playing the bagpipes! The Longbow incident occurred during the retreat to Dunkirk a year earlier.


 I'd also like some WW2 LRDG types: Scruffily dressed in shorts, a couple of weeks growth of beard, Arab headdress and Thompson SMG's 

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On 1/31/2018 at 8:41 AM, paintybeard said:

These, and a collection of robot spiders, beetles and ants, ranging from quite sneaky and small to intimidatingly big!


*Definitely* on the spider-bot.  Thanks to CAV (if, that is, they ever show up at my FLGS) and Chronoscope, I think I've got a lot of options for all sorts of humanoid robots.


However, one staple of more "realistic" cyberpunk and sci-fi settings is to have "bug-bots" standing on 4, 6, or maybe even 8 legs.  Bonus points if those legs have WHEELS on them for crazy mobility.


What I'd really love would be a "gun-platform" style spider-bot or ant-bot: the main body has a gun on it.  As a bonus, depending on how it's formed, this figure might double as the basis for an "auto-turret," as I use the leg extensions for some OTHER kit-bashy project.


If you want to play up the "ant" or "spider" aspect, without just making it a bug miniature with wires and gears, the main body could have a cylindrical addition at the rear, aping the look of an abdomen.  What's in the cylinder?  Could be an ammo pod.  Could be an energy pack.  Or, if you want a STEAMPUNK spider-bot, then obviously that's where the boiler is, out back.




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