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Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4


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15 hours ago, Gamingdog said:

Space Amazons with Ray Guns would be cool

You are correct; they absolutely are!
I'll never discourage Reaper from making some more (maybe re-posing Incredible Woman as a starting point?), but if you need that itch scratched *right now,* Hydra's Valkeeri are pretty good for that role.

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We need some (or at least one) of  the four armed bitey, clawy things Thanos used to attack Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War.

Just looked them up.

They're called Outriders and apparently in the comics they can turn invisible and read minds.

And some have six arms.

So, I want some not-Outriders, one with six arms to be a boss and at least two different poses of the four armed ones.

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On 5/13/2019 at 4:13 AM, Ferkill said:

Definitely more Nova Corp in different poses. Kneeling, guns at rest. Also some with helmets off, maybe holding them.

I would prefer them with helmets on, but if the heads were separate and they came with both bare and helmeted heads that would work for me.

Maybe a round peg sticking up from the shoulders that fits into either the bare head or the helmeted head, which would give a little poseability.

Also a couple of heavy/special weapon options: missile/rocket launcher, drum fed grenade launcher, light machine gun, medium machine gun, sniper/anti material rifle, plasma/melter gun, flamethrower and/or heavy flamethrower.

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  12 hours ago, PrimeOddity said:

I would live to see cops in riot gear with shields, batons and canister launchers, also mounted on horse back




Liberal Collage student rioters, skater punk trouble makers, 'black mask' communist rioters and oh my god if there was a pregnant woman with a Mohawk and a baseball bat that would be amazing

This should probably go into Chronoscope minis you like to see.  Chronoscope is Reapers Modern/Future line of minis.  This one should be labeled Fantasy mini you would like to see. (posted here per my discussion)

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14 hours ago, paintybeard said:

A snake-charmer. Preferably with enough baskets full of snakes to keep him VERY busy.


And perhaps someone doing the Indian rope-trick, or lying on a bed of nails.


And Might I add, a few more thuggies ( the Indian Strangler Cult) a Statue of Kali and some Indian merchants.

Maybe a few women in lavish Indian dresses, one walking and holding a large jar on her head.

INDIA~!!! not Native American!

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I run the occasional Wild / Weird West game, and one thing that is lacking from the Western line is a range of bad guys.  There are a few character bad guys (Deadeye Slim, Lobo Sanchez and Jeb Lawson), but not a collection of rank and file bad men. There are more undead and anthropomorphic animals in the Western line than there are dudes with bandannas over there faces and guns in their hands.  In the fantasy line, there is a range of "Bandits" who are extremely useful.  The Western line could benefit from a similar set of Banditos.  Three to six minis, male and female, in hats, dusters, and face masks, armed with a variety of common weapons.  One pistol, two pistols, shotgun, rifle.  It would be really cool to release them like the new dragon man from Bones 4 with a small sprue of hand options, so I could mix and match pistols, sawed off shotguns, knives, maybe a money bag, or a machete, or a stick of dynamite.  Three guys (one with a cowboy hat, one in a bowler and one in a sombrero) with five or six hand option would allow a storyteller to flesh out a large number of interesting and visually diverse opponents in a short time, with a minimum of effort.  And the new grey bonsium material would allow them a wealth of details.

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