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METAL Minis we would like to see


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** TwinSpineHornedSkull **

** T.S.H.S. in its living form **


Link to Image of Reaper Critter


What does ^ that ^ look like if it is still alive???


One skull with [?] jaw, two eyes, two spiraled horns, two spines, no legs?


Up to the sculptor whether it slithers or flies. 



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forgot I was not supposed to post an image
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Catfolk sprues

Kitsune sprues

Ogre & Giant sized weapon sprues

Riding horses

War horses


Cat & Kit sprues are simply sculpts of cat & fox heads (maybe with or without different helms, wiz hats etc.) tails and perhaps feetpaws that people can convert existing minis into their fav characters. For example,  instead of hoping Reaper will sculpt a full size mini of my character,  I could convert an armored human paladin into a catfolk paladin. 

The giant weapons are simply that.  Different weapons I can convert onto the Reaper range of ogres and giants. 

There just aren't any decent riding/ war horse minis out there. No riders necessary. Just horses with proper tack & barding.


Thanks for listening!


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Mounted Orcs with pole arms.

Mounted Orc Shaman.

Mounted users of divine and arcane magic, preferably that match on-foot versions.

All in METAL.


As far as I can tell there are only two mounted orcs in the whole reaper line, one on a scorpion and one on a dinosaur. They both carry weapons with crummy reach. And I didn't find any mounted wizards or clerics. Huge gap in the line.

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15 hours ago, TGP said:

** A mounted Gnoll on a horse-size Hyena **


@thorinteague what would be the preferred steed for Orcs? Boars? Wolves? Dire Lions?

It would ideally be modular. There are plenty of boar, wolf, and wargs in the line. I'd like to be able to choose the rider and the steed separately in a perfect world.

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