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METAL Minis we would like to see


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On 8/25/2018 at 11:07 AM, Thumpernicus said:

Forgot to add:

Female Hill Giants
Female Fire Giants

Preferably to scale with the current "Males" and not in silly poses like that WAY off scale Yephima...


Pretty please and thank you.


IIRC, there were female fire giants in Bones IV.


(EDIT: No, those were Frost Giants.  But Reaper does do a Fire Giant Queen mini)

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I'd REALLY like a Bones female minotaur. I've found myself with one of those minotaur armies not uncommon in fantasy wargaming, and in an RPG it'd be good to have mothers and sisters for them.

They've made Taurus, but I'd like a little more flexibility than a metal dancing girl in a bikini.

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Angry Wizards.


Like just your normal, robe wearing, book carrying, pointy hat covered, staff wielding wizards, but ANGRY. Hulk angry. Hands in fists, or curled in anger. Snarling or roaring in anger.



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