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METAL Minis we would like to see


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Now that I have painted one of the Nativity sets, I would love to see an Add-On set for the Nativity, (a Nativity 2 set), Containing all (or some of) the following:


1) Herald Angel

2) Prone Cow

3) Senior shepherd (As opposed to the young one in the base set) , perhaps carrying lamb on shoulders.

4) Drummer boy

5) Camel(s) standing and/or prone.

6) Any or all: Goose Girl w/goose / Milk Maid w/ bucket (or calf)/Woman Baker with bread basket

7) Generic fence or low wood wall sections to help flesh out the original stable archway.

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Fantasy/Medieval style Chinese/Mongolian/Korean/Japanese warriors, civilians, nobles.

Also some small terrain pieces to adorn bases with like small lanterns, bonsai trees.

New familiars for this, like a tiny Kitsune ( Fox form with multiple tails) a tiny Oni, a living Katana etc.

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