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METAL Minis we would like to see


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On 2/22/2019 at 10:37 PM, Flit said:

I suddenly realized that I need a Fenic fox miniature. Metal or Bones is Ok with me.


23 hours ago, redambrosia said:

Oh, a halfling sized fenic kitsune! 


And a normal wolf sized dire fenic! :lol:

Totally agree... 


And then a Minotaur Demon Lord sized fennec, to shake sheer terror into your PC's very core.  Because that's almost 1:2 scale..... ::P:

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More merfolk, mermen in particular.  Maybe another one or two sea elves.  Octopus, giant eels, aboleth, tentacles, other sea creatures.  A halfling pirate that isn't a cook.  Guess who's running a sea campaign?  :)  With the new Falling Star sailing ship out, and the coming release from Wizards of their "Ghosts of Saltmarsh", it would be cool to fill out the ranks of monsters/NPCs.

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Some rare fantasy race NPCs/townfolk would be awesome. Like a dragonborn baker, or a catfolk merchant, or a Tengu bartender, maybe even a tiefling blacksmith. Or any combination of townsfolk and unusual fantasy race. It would be so fun to have bit more fantasy among some of the mundane townspeople.

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  • Ambush drakes, or at least large, angry, wingless, non-dinosaur, slightly dragonish lizards that I can use as ambush drakes
  • More and varied bandits
  • Dragons that are sculpted to look like they're flying
  • More minotaurs, especially female
  • Wemics, or lion centaurs
  • My wife's suggestion: male gigolos/courtesans/prostitutes of any race or species, preferably as scantily/suggestively clad as the female miniatures of same
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Dakkanauts want the weapon sprues back! :upside: IIRC, The sprues had a problem of two of the same weapon on a sprue, when Reaper meant them to have one of each weapon. Anyway, I've found these weapons to be *very* useful with multipart kits from other companies, where the weapons were separate from the hands holding them. 


I'd also like to see multipiece interchangeable figure kits, similar to Frostgrave's miniature sets. 

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