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METAL Minis we would like to see


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OK This Thread is really long and thus I didn't read every one or search...but...


I'd Like to see ...well...I'd like to see a 1964 English band done in bones, then in their uniforms in 1967 and then again molded in 1970 at the end...


It's something different - I thought of it on my long drive home tonight with the music going...

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A halfling village townsfolk set with hill house scenics.


An elven village townsfolk set with tree house scenic


A dwarven hall townsfolk set with stone cabin scenic


A gnomish village townsfolk set with underground den scenic.




A plane of fire set, with various fire elemental animals  and humanoid shapes in flame of each size category, efreet, and a volcanic dragon composed of flame. Could be in translucent red.



A plane of water set containing various animals made of water, humanoid of each size category, Marid genies, and a Mist dragon splashing with waves. Could be in blue tranluscent  plastic. 


Plane of air set containing animals made of wind, air elemental of each size  category, djinn , and a cloud dragon, in all of its oriental style glory. 

Could be in clear translucent  plastic. 


Plane of earth set, animals made of earth, earth elementals of each size category, dao genie, a gem dragon in rocky glorious goodness.


Could be brown tranluscent  plastic.






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Horse Archers

More Lightly equipped soldiers/archers/mounted dudes/dudettes

Peasant Militias

More variety of normal warriors. Like their weapons or armor would not look too out of place on a real battlefield. 


Soldiers inspired by Ming/Qing dynasty

Lady versions of all of the above

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I was thinking, wouldn't it be interesting to have a more pulp historical line? There's a lot of historical minis out there but they are meant more for historical accuracy. But it would be cool to have miniatures that are not quite realistic historicals but not quite fantasy re-imaginings. Vikings with realistically sized weapons, but sometimes use two handers and still have the horns on their helmets for example. Or Celtic warriors that kind of mix up the time frames, historically inaccurate long unkempt hair and have more women in the ranks.


Think modern TV Drama historicals as opposed to military nerd historicals. 


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I've seen this a few times through the thread, but I want to repeat it.  I would love to see various races other than humans for townfolks.  I know there's a few already of Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings, but I'd love to see more along with gnomes, tieflings (Hellborn), and dragonborn (dragonman), catfolk,  and other uncommon races.  Children of the uncommon races too.   I'd also like to see more hero characters in the uncommon races with different class options.  I have no problem finding a miniature for any class for the Dwarves, Elves, and Humans, but what about a Dragonborn Bard, for example.


I'd like to see more Bones miniatures with crossbows.  I'd like to see less female miniatures with flowing hair and more with short hair/braids.  I'd also like to have some minis that work for gunslingers that look like they are of a fantasy setting rather than a western or renaissance setting.  Like Percy from Critical Role.


Speaking of Critical Role, anyway you guys can get a license for them?  I feel like you guys would do a much better job with a mini line for CR than Steamforge does.  Half the minis in the kickstarter they did have a pose of them pretty much just standing there, and  I hate that Steamforge has so many exclusive minis for cons that scalpers scoop up for Ebay.  Plus with the resin models they put out I hear a lot about the minis breaking in packages.  I would love a line of CR minis in Bones.


Edit:  More Townfolk nobles would be nice too.  Less of the goofy looking noble outfits, more Game of Thrones style would be awesome.

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