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METAL Minis we would like to see


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I will re-use an idea I proposed long ago: Overlords. 


A line of the classic archetypes & classes, just this time representing the top of their game. Not an elven wizard: an elven archmage. Not a paladin: his god's choosen. Not a lich: larloch himself. Over-the-top miniatures to represent really, really powerful characters, the type you could find on the deepest level of a dungeon, the type of NPC who will provide some deus ex machina from time to time. The kind of character your party's wizard dreams to be one day. 

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-ladies with giant ball gowns


A Whole court of ladies in giant hoop skirt gowns of different styles and designs. If one of them could be cut with lines to make doing plaid easier that would be nice but not required. Ruffles, masks, hairstyles up and down. 


Ladies wearing hennin cones cones would be nice, too. A classic damsel in distress princess with a very full skirt, cone hat with veil coming out! Ladies of the court with double hennins and big veils. Men with crackow shoes! Just classic medieval figures that would look like they belong in old school AD&D!

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I'd love to have more villager/townsfolk types. Our games have a lot of roleplay, so we're often in cities and villages. Having a ton of minis to throw on the board to represent people in the town would be great, especially if they're not all heroes armed to the teeth.


Some of the bigger stuff I'd like to see is an aboleth and a terrasque. I'm just kind of getting into Reaper, so I apologize if they do have those already.


Also, I just picked up Lost Valley, but even then I'd love to see more dinos!  Chult needs more love.  Can't wait for the blacktooth, too, though I did already pick up the Wizkids one (Reaper's looks so much cooler, though).  We need a stegosaurus, pachysephalosaurus, mid-range therapods, maybe some fliers.  I get that we probably won't get any sauropods, but maybe a smaller one like diplodocus?

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I would love to see some possessed villagers !!  Maybe crawling backwards with head looking up (Grudge style), a villager with their head backwards, maybe one with contorted bone structure !  Creepy !!

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Sorry about that, locked to handle some housekeeping items, will reopen shortly...


On 9/5/2017 at 8:33 AM, ladystorm said:

This is the current thread for fantasy minis we would like to see.

  • As the compiler of the data in the thread, I have a request, please don't spend a lot of posts on off topic chatter in this thread, it makes my compiling harder.
  •  DO NOT post images
  • it would make compiling this into a list much. much easier if your post included a brief list of your request at the beginning and then you follow with the paragraphs of text you wish to explain your requests. When clear items are not easily found, they may not make the list that gets forwarded.
  • Warlord Game expansions that is requests for specific models for Warlord are encouraged to be made in the Warlord Forums. Warlord Models are part of Game Development and not part of Fantasy Line Development.

Off Topic Chatter and general silliness will be removed.

thank you.


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Dragons with non traditional hoards


For example, a dragon that hoards pets, a dragon that hoards toys, something like DSM's book wyrm, an art supply hoard, various holiday themed hoards, etc

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