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METAL Minis we would like to see


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A werewolf in a tuxedo drinking a drink. 


More dinosaurs. 

Special request from 3 year old. Baryonyx. 


Gold Dragon. 


“Not” Apt and Panek 


Sentient Plant Warriors 


Animal/human hybrids in Post Apocalypse setting. Example, a humanoid rabbit with an Uzi and a stop sign shield. 






Pig faced orcs! 





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This is a creepy looking critter with a single huge eye. Plus, it's part of the D&D Starter set Lost Mine campaign so new gamers will be looking for it. This is underscored by the unfortunate lack of availability for this figure.  What's out there is way over-priced and poor quality. And finally, Reaper artists would make this creepy little fella come to life!



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Plain Naked Skeletons. 

I mean no weapons or armors, just some skeletons that recently crawled out of the ground.

Rags would be okay on a couple of them.

Don't care if it's Bones or metal (I'd probably buy more if they were Bones though), whatever would work to make it happen.

Thanks for considering.

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In fact, some inexpensive sprues of Bones ordinary skeletons, skulls, and loose bones for use in basing and dungeon dressing... no sense in killing a bunch of perfectly good skeleton warriors for those moments when you simply want to craft a big, atmospheric heap of bones for the corner of an ogre's kitchen, or prop up the ghastly remains of some lost soul in a dungeon cell or torture chamber....

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