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METAL Minis we would like to see

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So I was just reminded that Hyrekia was supposed to be a companion piece to Kalladrax.  Though with his scale being of, the current one doesn't look big enough.

So now I would like to see a Hyrekia who's the same scale as Kalladrax. Doesn't have to be bones, heck I would be happy with a limited resin version...

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One or more bald women African warrior amazons, of the kick-posterior variety found in “Black Panther”.

Ambush drakes, or at least large, angry, wingless, non-dinosaur, slightly dragonish lizards that I can use as ambush drakes More and varied bandits Dragons that are sculpted to look like

Building on what Pingo suggested,  African technomage young woman with glorious coils of hair (aka Not-Shuri). 

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It would be cool to see a Bones/Black resculpt of 02716 Demonic Lasher.


He's only available in Metal at the moment, and considering that there is an entire campaign book for one of the most popular game systems that strongly features this creature, it would make sense to cater to that. And it would be awesome to have it to paint regardless.

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Lots of comments on the just revealed Frigate.

some thoughts:

If hinges for the gun ports prove to be too much cost or otherwise infeasable think about plug in modules to go into suitable receptacles in the hull.

Easy to model the receptacles and the plug ins can represent ports open, ports closed, guns run out, even different sizes of guns. Could even be done so that the different configurations are in different "kits" for changing up the look of the ship depending on the scenario.

It's early enough in the design process to think about making the ship "convertible" to a two masted configuration:

The thought just occurred to me that it is still early enough in the design process that, properly designed sections could be arranged to make a smaller two masted ship that would be suitable for a wider range of encounters that a fully gunned frigate.

Make the center mast section removable with the end sections mating properly at the joint line and you have increased flexibility and satisfy the complaints/misgivings of a lot of the naysayers.

A two masted ship could be arranged so that it is either conventional rigged or schooner rigged or a combination, giving even more flexibility to the design.

Just my two cents worth.


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Male elf wizard? 

Not a drow, though. 

We have some evil oriented wizards - Nolevniss, for example -, but very few male elf wizards of good/neutral alignment that aren't old, really old sculpts. So maybe something on this line. 


And... Epic Level characters! Will never get tired of requesting this :d 

Miniatures that represent characters on the very top tier of their class: with looks according to that status. Not a wizard, an archmage. Not a cleric, a divine paragon. Not a... etc. With complements and poses that reflect their power. 

Why? as a very "don't mess with them" NPC's, ultimate villains (or deus ex machina) or just for the pleasure of painting such complicated sculpts. 

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I've always felt there aren't enough female, prop, civilian, and child models. It makes it very hard to create an proper game where players go chat to NPC's in town so I was glad to see Reapermini add some villagers but they are all human. We need some variety in species there. I love Dungeons and Dragons but always find that even Wizards of the Coast focus too much on the combat so I've been working on making my own game and I've finally gotten to the stage where I'd like to turn the races in to 3D models then get them printed as gaming figurines. But even so I would love to see more figurines going about daily tasks such as leatherworking, sewing, building, etc...







Kickstarter (Launching 17/10/2019)



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I'd love to see some new hobgoblin sculpts with enough variety to field an army from infantry, archers and cavalry to captains and warlords.

4e_Hobgoblins.thumb.png.3b99ac474b43c2e4ef688e80091c7f7f.pngPreferably more in the this style than the eastern/mongol horde look that seems to have become the default for their representation. 


I think it would also be great to see more of the monstrous races represented as pc classes (bugbear druids, hobgoblin monks, orc rangers, kobold clerics, etc) and more female versions of goblins, orcs, bugbears and hobgoblins as well.


And stirges... I know it probably gets brought up a bunch, but stirges.

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Oh, +1 to the Headless horseman! 


And I would add... Bathalians: it would be nice to see more of them, particularly since the only sculpts we have are really old school. Nice, but old school. And I suspect there is many reasons why Bathalians will be very popular, as the villains on the new BGIII look a bit similar ^^ 

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