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METAL Minis we would like to see


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Can we please have a new edition of old Doom minis? Assuming the molds still exist and Bethesda doesn't want too much to allow you to make them again. I can think of some really fun encounters i could use a Baron of Hell for.

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-Character with flintlock pistols, frock coat, tricorn hat, but not a beardy pirate  

-Character with arquebus, frock coat, tricorn hat, not a beardy pirate

-Character with multi-barrel flintlock gun, frock coat, tricorn hat, 

-Halfling-sized anthropomorphic sparrow in frock coat and weskit

-Large humanoid monster with elk stag head  (unarmed and unclothed)

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An accessory pack with birds.  Lots of small, closer to scale , bird of different shapes and poses.  Hawks, lots of song birds, owls, woodpeckers, shore birds, and on and on.  In a scene, I'd love to put a bird or two in a tree or on a hedge, but the available ones have a sparrow about the scale size of a bald eagle and an owl about the scale size of a great Dane.


Speaking of Great Danes...





On 3/12/2020 at 11:15 AM, Fliptrip said:


 Yes.  Yes, indeed.

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-Minotaur Adventurers (M/F)
-Centuar Adventurers (M/F)
-Fey'ri Adventurers (M/F)
-Medusa Adventurers
-Hobgoblin Adventurers (M/F)
-Diminuitive sized fey adventurers (Petal, Atomie, Sprite, Tooth Fairy)
-Half-Elf Cleric of Shelyn: Full Plate and Glaive
-Pseudodragon Dragonfire Adept
-Fully Equipped Pseudodragon: Rings, Dragonslayer Claws, Amulet, Pectoral, Lore gem/Bindi, Rune Inscribed Horns or Diadem/Skullcap, Frill Stud or Spine Cap, Half-Plate Spiked Barding, Belly Stud, Gem of Fortification, Bracers, Hip Bands, Toeless Dragon Boots
-Hellborn (with tails) Barbarians wielding Huge-size Bastard Sword (M/F)
-Racially Equipped Adventurers
---Elf: Elven Chain, Cloak & Boots of Elvenkind, Elven Curve Blade/Branched Spear/Thornblade/Thornblade & Leafblade
---Dwarf: Stoneplate, Dwarven War-Shield, Axe-Gauntlet, Boulder Helmet, Maulaxe, Ram Hammer, Waraxe, Double Spear, Urgosh, Warpike, Dorn-dergar, Giant-Sticker, Longaxe, Longhammer, Sphinx Hammer, Pelletbow
---Drow: Piwafwi, Drow Razor, Spidersilk Armor
---Orc: Orc Double Axe, Skull Ram, Hornbow, Butchering Axe, Orc Crusher
---Grome: Gnome Hooked Hammer, Piston Maul, Ripsaw Glaive, Flick-Mace, Pincer, Battle Ladder, Battlepick, Quickrazor, Swordcatcher, Tortoise Blade, Battle Cloak
---Halfling: Skiprock, Halfling Warsling, Sling Staff

-Adventurers in Agile Breastplate
-Adventurers in Kikko Armor
-Adventurers in Chain Shirt
-Adventurers (esp Druids) in Leather Lamellar
-Adventurers (esp Druids) in Horn Lamellar
-Paladins with Greatswords
-Adventurers with Nodachi
-Adventurer Mounted & Unmounted
-Themed Parties: four or more characters that follow a theme but still make a balanced party
--The all one race party
--The all half-breeds party
--The all one class (different archetypes) party
--The party that specilizes in hunting X (dragons, undead, or maybe orphans)
--The no-casters party
--The terrain specific party (aquatic, desert, arctic, planar, etc)

-Fey Sorceress riding male Panthera atrox bareback, and dismounted too
-Half-Nymph wielding Scythe riding Megaloceros stag, and dismounted too

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Hey all,


I think it would be really awesome to see some turtlefolk miniatures. I personally have upcoming sessions in my D&D campaign where the group will encounter a tortle warlock, but there really aren't any options available to fit that criteria. Also, expanding it out to all classes would be amazing, especially because I also want to play a tortle of some kind as well!



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Been said before and likely will be said again--more teifling/Hellborn figures.I know we got a Sea Captain in the new ReaperCon boxes, but more general production would be nice to see too.


And seeing as the new source book just came out for the "Game that A lot of People Play and it's got 5 versions" that include a bunch of new character options--it would be great to have Satyr adventurers, Minotaur character figs and Tritons. But mostly Satyrs. Cuz they are embodiments of festive forest fun. And make great warlocks.


seems like the new KS suspiciously contains a whole expansion themed towards Greek Heroic mythos based stuff; almost like someone got a tip off of what was coming. hmmm.

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